Wednesday, February 29, 2012

poem of the day 02.29.12


a serious man
catholic vanguard
a kennedy puke scholar
with his grandfatherly sleeveless sweaters
his grandfatherly ideas

ideas like the mixture
of shit and anal lubricant

a confident man
the consummate insider
sinister self-assured smile of the righteous
eyes like something out
of a sinclair lewis novel

when i was a kid he had placards placed
all over pennsylvania
and half of the fun was kicking them over

a family man
see the vaseline smiles
on the vaseline television
the vaseline ideals for the vaseline nation
starving rhetoric with a dusty halo and tattered wings

a contrast of ideas
swirling in his cereal bowl of wit

a real live richard
a gang of seven iconoclast
scheming and then living the dream
intelligent in his design
an evolutionary fiend

a rocky balboa for the ignorant

ideas like the mixture
of shit and anal lubricant

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