Monday, October 21, 2019


 The Power That Pulls The

These brain dead fools, both left and right
What do they think they are doing ?
Fucking up so many people's  lives
Driving down the road to ruin

Democracy, has it had it's day ?
What did the Brexit vote achieve ?
The politicians always have their own way
No matter if you voted to stay or leave

And of course they are not the ones
That really control a single thing
It's the CEO's of the corporations
Who say what tomorrow will bring

Politicians are no more than mere puppets,
The real power pulls the strings
Nothing more than muppets
Never mind their posing and posturing

It's the shadowy figures you never see
They're the ones to really fear
They don't need or want publicity
You'd never know that they were here

But, they are the ones who decide
What happens all over the Earth
Because they stay faceless, they can hide
They'll never get what they deserve

--Ian Copestick 

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Walking into tombstones

An echo
in the
is a
in the
as dogs
bark at
the back
door and
kids run
down the
alley and
is looking
for rain
or a
free lunch
and today
we lost
100 soldiers
and all
our marbles
deep inside
the pockets
of the
Rich men
who run
our lives
like wind-up
toys all
walking into
feet shuffling
in a
death march
to nowhere.

--Matt Borczon

Saturday, October 19, 2019


The Last of Your Mind

Cognitively impaired moron in chief suggests
using nuclear bombs to neutralize hurricanes
heading toward the U.S., accuses media
of “Fake News” when they report this.

Hourly, new scandals erupt,
Russian oligarchs co-signing
his money laundering loans,
brain farts transform to policy through twitter.

Funds diverted from emergency services,
sensitive public lands sold to oil men,
trade wars destabilize the economy,
send stocks into free fall.

Opening the morning paper
sends the average citizen
into toxic shock.
We all want an electoral redo.

--Jennifer Lagier

Friday, October 18, 2019


trump rally snippets on twitter…again

you can’t escape these idiots
if you tried

self-satisfied nazis
all grouped behind

their foaming orange-leader
their precious game show host

selling out america
like the best bargains on the fourth of july

smiling like the duped
and the damned

gap-toothed, plastic patriots

waving their little flags
wearing their little flags

if only there was some
spiked kool-aid around

then maybe you could call this a real party.

--John Grochalski


Thursday, October 17, 2019


                                                          JR (1951-2016)

D ear One since your quick transition something
O dious shocked the Nation our planet
N eeding time to heal I was slow to share
A ll actions accruing to wrong doing
L iving without your love ups the threat
D espite who won I’ll negate the nightmare

T roubling to laud the democratic way
R esisting climate change national debt
U ncapped by repeal and replace healthcare
M oney laundering lies racism praised
P ause there

--Karen Alenier 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Nightly News Prison Break

Like a maestro conducting
three networks at once
I flip discordant channels
looking for escape

Soundbites break skin
What isn’t said blares loudly
I watch the burning house
with people inside it

They show engulfed bodies
then move to feel-good fluff
while the warden tries to convince me
that firefighters are the enemy

--Colleen Redman

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Worst Superhero Ever: a found poem

Florida Man fatally shoots son-in-law
who was trying to surprise him for his birthday
Florida Man parks smart car in kitchen
so it won’t blow away
Florida Man takes golf cart on wild ride
through Walmart
Florida Man arrested for threatening
to shoot up Walmart after El Paso Massacre
Florida Man caught exposing himself
in Walmart pillow aisle
Florida Man arrested, caught on video
using samurai sword to fight over wheelbarrow
Florida Man who didn’t flush toilet
threatened griping friend with a machete
Florida Man threatens to kill man with kindness,
uses machete named “Kindness”
Florida Man doesn't get straw,
attacks McDonald's employee
Florida Man intentionally drove Ferrari 360 into ocean
at top speed, says “Jesus told him to”
Florida Man killed ex-girlfriend
while trying to “get rid of the devil”
Florida Man shooting at target in backyard
hits neighbor sitting at dining room table
Florida Man arrested at Mar-a-lago, says he came to talk
to Trump about “his $6.3 trillion”
Florida Man denies syringes found in rectum
are his
Florida Man arrested after argument
over cheesesteak
Florida Man accused of burning son
to teach him a lesson about fire
Florida Man allegedly fooled family into believing
murdered wife was still alive
Florida Man beat, pepper-sprayed Mom
because “She was a narcissist”
Florida Man finds a WWII grenade, places it in his truck,
drives to Taco Bell
Florida Man learns hard way
he stole laxatives, not opioids
Florida Man spent weeks in jail for heroin
that was actually detergent
Florida Man accused of robbing Chinese restaurant
at finger point
Florida Man thought he’d do donuts
on the airport runway
Florida Man dances
through DUI sobriety test
Florida Man caught on camera
licking doorbell

--Shawn Pavey

Shawn Pavey

Author, Survival Tips for the Pending Apocalypse (Spartan Press 2019), Nobody Steals the Towels From a Motel 6 (Spartan Press, 2015), and Talking to Shadows (Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2008)

Former Vice President, The Writers Place Board of Directors

Co-founder, former Associate Editor, and Midwest Ambassador, The Main Street Rag Literary Journal

Poet In Residence, 2010,

Monday, October 14, 2019



It died today
like a beloved family pet
or god
and we all wrung our hands
clicked, refreshed pages
like chain smokers
fiending for a drag

did you call?
what did they say?

when no answers came
we shuffled around
did what we could
looked busy

footsteps, worried whispers
echoed through the warehouse
like a mausoleum

--Brian Rilhmann

Sunday, October 13, 2019


And mirrors

Then woke and showered and traced the frosted shroud thinking, “Of course,” realizing that in Michael Jackson’s dreams he was white too and hadn’t a clue that memories crumble like bones and time pierces like arrows and the pulleys of Newton’s Laws triumph and Buster Douglas drops because Tyson’s uppercuts are black and red and fuming like Hubert Selby Jr.’s acne and when the terror seeps in, carves tracks and valleys of death in your face, you can punch the mirror if you don’t like what’s there. 

--Alex Z. Salinas 

Saturday, October 12, 2019


Wishing it Would Stop Before the Snowy Evenings
    (After Robert Frost)

Whose mess this is I think I know.
His jet’s at Mar-a-Lago, though;
He will not see me sicken here
And ask where will my healthcare go.

I won’t feel safe if I am queer
My green card may not keep me here
Between the real news and fake
This darkest presidential year.

I want to give the world a shake
The whole thing is a big mistake
It was nothing like a sweep
The avalanche was just one flake.   

The lies are heavy, thick and deep,
With promises no one will keep,
They go away when I’m asleep,
He goes away when I’m asleep.

-- Laurinda Lind

Friday, October 11, 2019


Lies, Lies And More Lies

To myself, I must be true
But,  I don't know about you.
                       . . .
It's getting harder to decide
What's true anymore.
Fake news, spin. We expect
To be lied to by everyone.
Our Governments are the
Biggest liars of all, as I say
We expect it. Advertising
Is obviously legalised lying. When did this happen ?
No, that's a stupid question.
It's been going on forever.
I mean, when did it become
Acceptable and accepted ?
W.M.D.'s, that was one of
The biggest lies in my
Lifetime, and what happened ?
Nothing !
God knows how many
Innocent Iraqi people died,
Men, women and children,
And all over a lie, which
Our dirty, fucking scummy
Leaders KNEW was a lie !
And they never faced any
Charges for War Crimes !
How did this EVER become
Something that we just
Shrug our shoulders over,
The way we do now ?
We've been fooled and
Lied to again, again and
Again. But as I keep on
Saying, trying to get through
To you. When did we start
To accept this as normal
Political conduct ? I guess
We get the leaders and the
Governments we deserve.
I don't know about you, but
That makes me feel so

--Ian Copestick

Thursday, October 10, 2019



he imagines
he gets a pass
he's only doing
what he's always done
why is everyone
every little thing
he says, or does

in his narcissistic world
he really is the center
of all that has ever
all that will ever exist
the rest of the puny world
who somehow squirm
beneath his feet should
always every worship him

why are they attacking him

he must crush the tiny
ant like creatures with
his giant feet

why are they throwing
this rope around his neck
dragging him down

kill, kill, he must kill them all

--Thomas R. Thomas

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


the greatest american hoax

i sit here
sipping vodka
listening to soul music
as the madman president
goes apeshit on twitter again
he writes in all caps
like an angry five-year-old
if that weren’t an insult
to a child
i sit here
sipping vodka
and try not to think
that this racist lunatic game show host
this plastic tyrant
controls the bomb
like he controls the narrative
like he controls the press
that he’s so happy to loathe
i try and think
about baseball playoffs
and smokey robinson
instead of the millions of people
who still back this man
who pack arenas
to hear his bluster and hate
cheering him on
to violence and civil war
i sit here
sipping vodka
and wonder why me
and a million others
aren’t in the streets every single day
tearing it all down
in the name of justice and peace
but then i realize who i am
and where i live
i sit here
sipping vodka
as president madman
foams at the mouth
thinking maybe we’ve been given
what we deserve
watching the sunset on an america
that was never really
so great to begin with
that was probably
a flaming shitbag from its start
pathologically lazy
and immune
content to let its soul and soil
sit docile
continue to soak in
all of its hatred and blood.

--John Grochalski 


Tuesday, October 8, 2019


i welcome the cold

some dream of turquoise roses
some dream of green success
some dream of violet birds
some dream of golden roads
some settle for dreams while asleep
some dream for no more dreams
some dream for second chances
some dream and nothing more

--Tohm Bakelas

Tohm Bakelas is a social worker in a psychiatric hospital. He was born in New Jersey, resides there, and will die there. His poems have appeared in numerous journals, zines, and online publications. He intends to conquer the small press and exclusively publish within.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Sunday, October 6, 2019


Spilled drink
I watched Kurt Vonnegut
Say in a Charlie Rose interview
Shortly before he died
That people are awful animals
That after two World Wars
The Holocaust
The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The Roman Games
The Spanish Inquisition
The burning of witches in public
That we’re a disease
We should be ashamed of ourselves
“Shouldn’t we call it off?” Vonnegut said
I thought about my mother and father—
Good people,
Flaws drowned by their love
I thought about my uncle,
An alcoholic and a cynic
Who’d die for his children
I wondered about myself,
Maybe we’re not that bad
Maybe we’ll turn things around
At the table in front of me
A man dropped his drink,
Spilled on his wife’s feet
“I can’t believe you,” his wife shouted
“You wasted a good drink
“And now my feet are cold”
Her husband said nothing, smirked
She slapped him on the shoulder
Their baby cried
“Now look what you’ve done,” his wife accused
He no longer smirked
Another day, I might’ve intervened
Said, “Hey, be easy, things aren’t that bad”
But in that haunted moment
I remembered their battle was never mine 

-- Alex Z. Salinas