Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poem of the Day 09.11.08

at the world trade center

people have died for this,
but i can’t figure out why.
they flung themselves out of buildings
on this very spot,
or waited until it fell into a
smoldering mash
of silicone and flesh.
when the train comes in
we can see the death still marked
in streaks along the foundation.
the cranes can’t hide it.
and neither will the new tower,
the big planned “fuck you”
freedom tower.
it won’t hide it either.
no, this place will always be
marked in blood
in the futility of religion
and in the futility of commerce
through blind imperialism.
this place will stand,
no matter what they put in its spot,
like a beacon,
like a warning,
like a lesson never learned,
just waiting to fall again,
and again,
and more people will die for it,
and i guess i won’t understand
that either.

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