Thursday, July 2, 2009

poem of the day 07.02.09


my head is throbbing
and my heart is in the dirt
pinched by an anthill
and in the subway station
the cops are pulling people aside
and checking their bags
so i know there must be a holiday
coming soon.
the police pull over a cute blonde
in a light blue dress that shows
the curve of her ass and breasts
while i smell like sweat and last night’s
beer and wine
and have a hatred for america poking
out of the front of my pants.
they pull her aside and go through her things
on a foldout table
while a man with gold teeth
harasses people for their subway passes
and others plot murder
as rats and cockroaches lick my toes
and nibble on my fingertips
as my heart gets eaten by an army
of hungry ants
they pull her aside and her face is as red
as the stripes on the flag
but no one is looking
they pull her aside for independence day
and fireworks and hot dogs and baseball
and for you and me
because she looks dangerous.
and she is dangerous, just not like that.
those fucking, dumb cops should’ve watched the way
she walked up 4th avenue
with her ass swaying in a light july breeze
like i did for five blocks.
now that was dangerous.

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