Tuesday, September 7, 2010

poem of the day 09.07.10

old lover

the old pc sits
in the hallway
like a dejected lover
while i’m up before the sun
trying to figure out this new one

these machines get to be like lovers
you learn their basics
their hidden joys and terror
every subtle nuance
and you either get
comfortable with them or bored

in the end you lose them
no matter what

that old machine and i
we wrote thousands of words
poem and stories
that the world sometimes wanted
but most times didn’t care

it never mattered to us
we did it within the lunacy of the morning
through the caffeine and booze
the sweat and chill of the season

better friends with me
than the human race

we took on all comers

now she sits there
with the cat bowls, the cockroaches
and the dust

i know she doesn’t deserve this
but what am i to do?

i’m a man
stricken with the pangs that comes
with new love

typing this poem
on an hp pavilion phenom
with an 8gb system memory
and a 1tb hard drive
that holds countless songs
and over 176,000 pictures

how can i say no to that?


Anonymous said...

Parting is not always sweet sorrow.. strap in and enjoy the ride on your new pc...

John Grochalski said...

well, it's already gotten me this mediocre poem. actually it was like pulling teeth writing on the machine. windows 7 is very different from the windows i had, which was xp. took almost all morning just to work the kinks out.

Unknown said...

Yeah, getting a new pc is hard sometimes... getting all your freeware and sharware set up. preferences, etc...

Sounds like a killer killer machine though. 8 gigs of ram and a terrabyte?? Damn...

... nice poem, too!