Monday, November 29, 2010

poem of the day 11.29.10

crawling toward the win

an old woman shouts at me
says don’t print that receipt
think about all of the trees

i ask, what about all of those
political ads the politicians are stuffing
into our mailboxes?

the superintendent of the building
asks me if i heard the fire trucks
the other night

christ, he says
i was only smoking one little cigarette
at one o’clock in the morning

the neighbor’s dog growls at me
and keeps pacing back and forth

while i think i’m a fool anyway

three years and i wanted nothing to do with that dog
i get a little bit of scotch in me
and i think the thing is my best friend

the poems keep coming back rejected
the radio keeps going out
when a car passes on the parkway
the coffee is getting cold and the weather is hot

b.j. says that he has a stack of
books waiting for me at the bar

and humanity keeps slouching
toward its twilight

but the days are getting shorter
and another mediocre year is ending 33 days


i feel like i’m crawling toward the win.

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