Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glass City has Arrived!!

Hello, Friends. My second book of poems Glass City has just come out via Low Ghost Press, a brand new venture by Kristofer Collins, author of The Liturgy of Streets and King Everything . Glass City is on sale for a very reasonable $10. If anyone is interested in ordering the book Kris is taking orders at this number: 412-681-9111, or you can send him a money order or check :

Kristofer Collins
Caliban Book Shop
410 South Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Currently there is no online way to purchase, but I can try to work something out
if you want to support me and Low Ghost.

Thank you all for reading this blog, and I hope Galss City can
do poetry some justice.


Robbie Grey said...


John Grochalski said...

thanks, Robbie!!

Craig said...

Great bro... I will make sure to order it

Anonymous said...

Oh John.. This is awesome.. How blessed you are to have your words in book format.. Yes, tomorrow I will most def order a copy. Dang son, I'm right proud of my Winedrunk Sidewalk Poet :-)

John Grochalski said...

Lynne...thank you so much! and thanks for getting the book. Really hoping that Low Ghost succeeds.