Tuesday, September 2, 2014

poem of the day 09.02.14

two patriots

he licks his crisco lips
wipes the mcdonald’s grease off his mouth

he says, and don’t get me started
on that traitor in the white house

oh, that commie, she says
sucking down coca-cola through an oil pipe

i’m a revolutionary, he says
the silent majority reborn
i have to watch my mouth or else the government
will be on me like white on rice

speaking of white, she says
and they both laugh

my friend’s husband is a cop
he said all that missouri black had to do
was go along with it and get processed

i mean what’s the big deal?
it’s not like he didn’t know the drill

he says, it’s the way them kids dress
as he hershey stains another disney shirt
if they didn’t dress that way
the cops wouldn’t be on their asses like that

it’s their parents, she says
they were probably criminals
so what chance did he have?

i mean really, he says
flipping his zippo and daydreaming
those smoky marlboro skies

and come to think of it, iraq, syria
whatever happened to just blowing
them fuckers to bits?

have we lost our guts or what?

i’d make it all a parking lot, she says
rows and rows of jeeps and fords
as far as the eye can see

that’s too far, he says
why don’t we just nuke mexico
and make that the parking lot?

that poor cop, she says, burping budweiser sonnets
someone should take up a fund for him

a good ol’ boy just trying to do his job, he says
just like all the rest of us

it’s getting harder and harder for us here, she says
you can’t even be a patriot anymore
without somebody giving you shit

god bless america, he says

america love it or leave it, she says
scratching her ass and sniffing it

my country right or wrong, he says

yeah, she says
but for how much longer?


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