Friday, October 10, 2014

poem of the day 10.10.14

ode to a pen that doesn’t work
when i need a pen to work

you stupid fucker
you could’ve been immortal
there’s a kid who won’t stop farting on this bus
and a brazilian chick in a mini-skirt
put the two of them together somehow
and i could’ve made us both famous
or at least a couple people
would’ve read about it on my blog
but you had to crap out on me
you cunt
pilot g-2 .05 tip of nothing
and there’s nothing worse for a guy like me
than a pen that doesn’t work when i need a pen to work
you’re like my heart giving out
or my will to live
you’re a six-day work week with only one day off
a flaccid penis at the end of a woman’s period
the final dreg of wine that won’t make a proper glass
and that kid keeps on farting
i think the dude sitting next to me is going say something
start a fight with his mother about manners
that brazilian might be a tranny
this ain’t manhattan this is brooklyn
do you know how many trannies we get down here?
you blue tipped albatross
and to think i chose you over your .07 pointed brother
i’ll bet he would’ve worked
with him i’d be writing about flatulence
and chicks with dicks right now
the scribbles of the gods
but instead i’m sitting here huffing someone else’s gas
with the guy next to me ready to pop
a blood vessel
trying to see if i can see
the bulge between that brazilian’s legs
another shit writer
on a shit work day
without the tools of his trade.


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