Wednesday, July 1, 2015

poem of the day 07.01.15

on briefly studying pope francis’
encyclical on climate change

my wife says
they usually put men
who talk to god in institutions

but i’m not sold on this pope
despite the tenor of his insanity

although he has nothing to prove to me
a non-believer riding the dying waves
of this american christian tide

i just don’t want to see pope francis in the nuthouse
or even in jail, especially not an american one

who knows what kind of atrocities could happen

i mean whether he’d be pounding patties
for mcdonald’s or wendy’s while in there
working american airlines or, god forbid, victoria’s secret

i like that alienated catholics are jazzed about this pope
people need things to be jazzed about other than television shows

i like that he gets by on doing the bare minimum
of just preaching peace and love

unlike the last two barbarians
who stuck their noses into everything
and let their priests butt-fuck little boys

some critics say that this pope practices
latin american catholicism

i don’t really know what that means
except maybe something along the lines
of an american proxy government
with a bloated dictator at the center of it

but that doesn’t sound like pope francis at all

maybe they mean he’ll just be a good shortstop

someone to snag all of the chip shit the world hits at him
turn it into amazing double plays

that is to say i tried reading some of the pope’s
encyclical on climate change

but it was writen in italian, i think

or maybe it was written in
one of those latin american languages

mexican or ecuadorian or venezuelan
or whatever they speak down there

i know he got the point across here in my office
where we speak stone cold american

we haven’t had air conditioning for weeks
and everyone is sweating and cursing
praying out to god for relief

but god works in mysterious ways

so i’m sure our suffering
is benefiting someone somewhere else

and helping to save the climate too.


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