Thursday, July 2, 2015

poem of the day 07.02.15

america the beautiful
moloch for too early in the morning
                        --for governor scott walker

w/yr piss rivers of chemical bliss and choking fishes
w/yr burning black churches under hate banners and history
w/yr monsanto breath and methane fields of slaughter
w/yr profit prisoners pounding patties for the golden arches
w/yr cholesterol face and your hardened artery empathy
w/yr endless wars and infotainment conjuring hollywood machine
w/yr ceaseless streams of comment page ugliness
w/yr starbucks sunrise in the Dow Jones calculated sky
w/yr terror warning telephone roll calls and clown car candidates
moloch! yr limp liberal hand washing! moloch! yr police march activism!
moloch! the taste of blood in yr streets! moloch! yr holy gun cock!
w/yr bigbox discounts that have boarded the main street
w/yr boulevards of broken dreams for lost generations
w/yr kid faces plastered into candy crush diets and digital quagmires
w/yr 24/7 news cycle of doom selling Disney democracy
w/yr right wing renegade time lords stone aging the future
w/yr NAFTA heirlooms of slave labor artistry
w/yr Thorstein Veblen eyes on the trans-pacific partnership prize
w/yr gerrymandered cartography and yr common core ignorance
w/yr sewage system drinking water by the unregulated gallon
moloch! i’ve seen what your future holds, america!
moloch! who made me hate yr very scent! moloch! i can’t breathe!
w/yr perfumed ladies masking noxious hearts
w/yr man child adulations and violent video game hard-ons
w/yr gun fixations and lobby dollars soaked in fossil fuel chains
w/yr ghetto concentration camp benevolence
w/yr melting pot mythology leaning on yr leaden mind
w/yr cheap gas suburbia going up in smoke
w/yr marijuana boogie men getting high with street boys in shit stalls
w/yr homophobia constitutional amendment propaganda
w/yr supreme court of lies and fixations
moloch! the long endless streets of rising rent bailouts!
moloch! your immigrant walls and detention center holiday inns
w/yr patriot acts acting up in glass strewn playgrounds
w/yr capitalist colleges on legacy campuses hustling for a buck
w/yr drought river and climate deniers sitting on boards of influence
w/yr koch brother sugar daddies and their fascist sway
w/yr Fox News sitcoms running into nightmare finales
w/yr blockbuster carnage that’s too risqué for the big screen
w/yr streaming services for the dead
w/yr DIRECTV porn girls being jizzed on by uncle sam’s small cock
w/yr free market fallout and trickle down legacy
moloch! for being too big to fail! moloch! yr dirty angel infrastructure!
w/yr rusted pipe logic resting on the broken beams of bridges
w/yr potholed highways of summer vacation dreams
w/yr airplane incarceration and free headphone garbage piles
w/yr NRA kindness and semi-automatic lusts
w/yr millionaire sports idols and luxury car holograms
w/yr anti-union, anti-family, anti-intellectual jamboree
w/yr rain check ambitions and kudzu global scarf
w/yr rape joke love and right-to-work consciousness
w/yr oligarch family picnics and fireside book burnings
moloch! yr flag flying outside every single door like a noose
moloch! yr morning radios of hate and innuendo
w/yr SOMA culture lollipop milky tit not allowed on instagram
w/yr orwellian cameras on every single block
w/yr closest snowden shame and chelsea manning fashion parade
w/yr holy wars and yr frankenstein ISIS game shows
w/yr military industrial complex money suck abortion clinic blues
w/yr libraries housing the dust of progress
w/yr cities filling up with sea water smoothies
w/enough carbon dioxide in the air to choke yr revolution christ
w/yr hateful beasts claiming they were born to lead
america the beautiful full on fat, sugar and salt with a rip in yr seam
as inmate congresses continue to run the asylum
moloch! the horse you rode in on in one of those dull westerns
that you used to love.


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