Friday, July 3, 2015

poem of the day 07.03.15

the homophobe

back in the day
calvin was a homobphobe

which is like calling someone a nazi now

i had no clue what calvin’s opinions were on jews
but he didn’t like gay people, especially gay men

calvin had a playboy magazine idea about lesbians

of course this was back when people
still bought playboy to get off

but calvin was the annoying kind of homophobe

you couldn’t sit next to him in a theater
we took up a whole row just so that calvin didn’t look gay

if three of you went to get something to eat
calvin could never be the one who had to sit male with male

if he did, as soon as the third wheel got up to piss
calvin switched to the other side of the booth
so it didn’t look like two queers were having wings and beer together

once, an ex-girlfriend of mine told cal that he
and his friend, tom, made a cute looking couple

i heard about it for months after she said that

for sport i called him a fag in front of some girl he liked
just to see what would happen

and later on that night calvin pulled over his car
to tell me what a bad friend i was being

in atlantic city we shared a huge bed
and he slept on top of the sheets
just in case maybe i was gay

even though back home i was fucking this girl he liked

we aren’t friends anymore
not because of calvin’s homophobia
but because i made fun of his facebook page
for having on it all of this 9/11 we-will-never-forget bullshit on it

when it wasn’t even september

calvin told me he’d pray for me
and then deleted me as his facebook friend

he’s really religious these days from what i’ve been told
the kind of catholic who wishes his pederast priest
a happy father’s day

apparently he says shit like
hate the sin, love the sinner
when talking about gay marriage on his facebook page

he has three boys now
and he’s trying to bring them up the right way

sometimes i wonder if they’ll
grow up to be homophobes too
or maybe even gay

i hope not, for them, at least

but sometimes i wonder what it’s like
when calvin takes the boys to a movie

do they sit together like a family?
or are they old enough now that he makes them sit apart?

taking up a whole row in the theater like we used to do

so that they don’t all look gay
and give people the wrong impression about america
while being mindlessly entertained in the dark.


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