Friday, July 10, 2015

poem of the day 07.10.15

kim kardashian is not the enemy

these streets smell like murder now
the rancid garbage piled high enough
to create a new manhattan on brooklyn
pavement the way the gray water mixes
the soiled napkins and soda bottles and
wet brown bags oh and the plastic i think
we all must sweat chevron millions i wish
someone would come along and lobby me for
my thoughts i’d tell them to clean up
their shit their filth maybe not eat so many
bananas on hot summer days to add
to the scent because there’s three dollars
burning a hole in my pocket and i know
exactly who i’m blowing that on these
endless wars these solar panel armies
in the desert where what’s mine is mine
and what’s yours i’m gunning for head-on
like a wall street shutdown another death
on the nightly news in between advertisements
and stories about rich rappers pounding persian
pussy the greased asses of trust fund babies
on every glossy from here to los angeles
but from rich to poor we all end up
swimming in the shit now my friend
i tell you kim kardashian is not the enemy
she just plays one on tv.


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