Thursday, September 10, 2015

poem of the day 09.10.15

home again

i’ll cop to nothing
i’ll admit to being a little drunk
solemn and angry
because she hadn’t returned my calls
because she stopped talking to me at the job
but i wasn’t driving
this wasn’t my idea
a dozen eggs in calvin’s lap
we drive slowly the frankstown road
horror of both our youths
steve playing his jock rock cd
breath in breath out
he navigates us past closed fast food joints
the 24/7 chain restaurants
packed with bored stoned high school kids
kids that i could never be like here
says, dudes, that club was a dog show
as if he expected more
from a joint in a strip mall
when we see him coming slowly down the road
jogging hugging the berm
frost sweat and steam rising off his body
calvin grabs an egg from the dozen
the electric window rolling down
as steve slows the car to a creep
breath in breath out goes the egg
splattering him he stops starts panting wiping frantically
i catch his what-the-fuck look
what-the-fuck arms in the air
think maybe he was one of the assholes from grade school
as steve kicks the car into gear
tearing down my youth road a mile
this white ghetto suburb that tried to slaughter me
so we can pull into the mcdonald’s
of so many hell scenes so many lovesick moments
to turn around go back and do it again.


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