Friday, May 6, 2016

poem of the day 05.06.16

no guts

it takes
no guts to attack
the establishment poets
the MFA writers
the big agent big bookslingers
in fact they’re too easy a target
you can sit around and wait
for them to do it to themselves
and it takes no guts
it’s too easy
to sit there hidden behind a computer
writing sardonic little reviews
about books no one wants to read
yes yes
we’ve heard it all before
american literature is terrible
it’s slick
it’s game show
the real art is still in europe
there’s no real underground here in the states
just a bunch of charlatans
in old punk t-shirts who want to be david foster wallace
it takes no guts to say any of this
to piss and shit and rail against authors
in the media
to act like you’re doing the lord’s work
by interviewing some underexposed hack
who should just as well stay hidden
all it takes is a big mouth and little else
why just last week
i saw a bird smack hard
against a window
and then drop to the pavement with a thud
i watched him for a while
trying and trying to get up
hobbling around
flapping his wings and then falling over
and doing it all again
knowing that death was almost certain
now that, my dear
now that
now that….


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