Monday, January 23, 2017

day FOUR

  --for speaker ryan

who’s your master?
who’s writing the checks
for your gilded lifestyle?
i mean
who are you serving
that you can look a cancer patient
in the eye
and then gleefully cancel his insurance
on the next working day?
who owns you?
who’s got the goods on you, chump?
who’s picking out your loafers
and your boxers briefs
who’s buying you your ties
your cheap suits
and all of those american flag pins?
who’s making you so inhuman
to the citizenry?
who’s making you a world-class liar
and a sycophant to a lunatic demagogue?
you’re lower than the lowest low
more downtrodden then the most beaten slave
a domestic terrorist with his hand over his heart
you with your shit-stained principles
and your rotten family values
i hope there’s not a window
in your office
or your home
because how can you look at yourself every day?
look your kids in their eyes
take hold of your wife?
who’s pushing you around?
who’s really running your life?
you don’t know shit about shit
you craven little wimp
you american psycho
diablo with a gold-plated smile
who do you call daddy, bitch?


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