Friday, January 20, 2017


inauguration day
oh to be a fly
on the plush leather interior of that limo
carrying the president and the president-elect
to the capitol building
to complete this national slaughter of democracy
obama and michelle sitting silent
after having given eight years to this ungrateful land
across a seat from that bloviating jackass
and his blank of a trophy wife
it’s a good thing that trump has small baby hands
the way he’ll be waving those little appendages around
pointing out his ugly ass hotel
frantically looking for his android in the pockets of his suit
so that he can get one more dig in at his enemies
before this violent sideshow
becomes the given state of the world
bet he still won’t be able to look obama in the eye
you can always count on a coward for consistency
i do wonder what they’ll really talk about
obama with a library on the tip of his tongue
and trump barely able to articulate a sentence
i guess there’s the ratings
on celebrity apprentice to rake over the coals again
or trump could talk about how
huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggeeee the crowd is
more white faces in the mob than a KKK rally
it’s supposed to rain that afternoon
so maybe the orange-faced paper tiger
will have one his make america great again hats on
so the toupee doesn’t get soaked
maybe obama will give the fool a last little bit of advice
how not to tweet world war iii
or the way that tricky door works on the oval office
or maybe he’ll let the racist prick sink
into his own narcissistic quagmire
daydream hawaii and be done with us all
we the people deserve us much
all the same it’ll be an interesting limo ride
and maybe being a fly on all of that plush leather
wouldn’t be the best thing
with all of that juvenile bloodlust that trump has
swirling around in that vacuous head of his
a poor fly wouldn’t make it one d.c. block
before trump crushed it with a gleeful smile

and all the malice he’ll give to a brave new world.                                              

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