Friday, July 21, 2017


Landed immigrant
     Not knowing what you’re doing is a common issue. I never really know what I'm doing till I've done it. Take the case of the accidental alien. He was stuck here with no way of getting home. To be precise he landed in my back garden.
     Conveniently his people look a lot like us but the emotions and empathy issues are a bit different. From what I could gather compared to us they're all ragging sociopaths.
     He admitted to me once we got to know each other that he'd never been as honest in his whole life as he was to me. He was so lost I told him a few things about coping on earth and he seemed to catch on. I also told him where he could sell the gold and silver circuits in his ship so he could get started in life. I think went into real estate.
I often wonder what happened to him and if I did the right thing in teaching him how to blend in. One thing I’ll never forget. He had the oddest hair.
--Tabitha Baumander

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