Saturday, October 7, 2017

WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week THIRTY SEVEN wrap up

Las Vegas.....what is there to say that we don't say 4 or 5 or 6 times in this country when things like this happen whether small or "record breaking" like we had happen Sunday Night. After Sany Hook when the United States, REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED HOUSE and SENATE, allowed small children to die in vein....what actually was left to say.  Las Vegas is a tragedy, another tragedy in a long line of tragedies involving gun violence in the only developed part of the world where this happens at an epidemic rate.....the greater tragedy is that we have members in congress who are owned by the NRA. The NRA is a terror organization. The GOP is a terror organization. That motherfucker who killed all of those people, who wounded those in the hundreds.....a terrorist. So to people like Trump or Paul Ryan...stop using your coded language you fucking spineless cowards...that man (i wont print his name) wasn't a lone gunman or lone "wolf" or a shooter....he was a domestic terrorist plain and simple....Trump, the NRA, the GOP you should call him that.....because it takes on to know one, you collection of fucking maggots.

I mean the GOP had a shooter actually go after THEM....and they still didn't do shit.

As for Trump and his speeches and moments of silence....fuck you, Nazi.  No one buys it. No one believes you. You've shown yourself over these so many months to be a sympathizer to neo-nazis, to thrive on dividing Americans with your hatred of our Muslim, Latino, Black and other POC populations.....and you certainly didn't fucking care or give a damn if a whole island of american citizens drown or die or whatever while your fat ass is playing save this nation and the world a favor and fucking resign and spend the rest of your days siting on your golden shitter in a dark room in Trump Tower, contemplating how much the world, the whole FUCKING world....hates you.

59 dead and 520 wounded at the time of this writing (Tuesday Morning).....but its fallen on deaf congressional ears once again....blood is on your hands Trump and GOP.

On a "lighter" note if i'm ever going to Vegas....i'm staying at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino....apparently you can get 23 firearms and 10 suitcases by those assholes without them realizing it...imagine all the buckets of ice that i could get!


As if things weren't bad enough for our friends in Puerto Rico, on Tuesday the Island had to weather a 300 LB orange piece of shit land on its shores in the guise of the "president" of the United States....oh, wait....that actually was bad.....sorry, it's easy to confuse Trump with a 300 LB piece of shit....or maybe i'm doing shit a disservice by the comparison... all the same if I ever grown up to become president and get to inherit all of the climate change related storms taking place, i hope i'm as cool as DOUCHE by starting my conference bitching (oh, right, JOKING) about how much a cataclysmic hurricane had thrown off the federal budget...or maybe i could also do what DOUCHE did and tell the people of Puerto Rico how LUCKY they were that only 16 of them died compared to the THOUSANDS that died during Hurricane Katrina....yeah, Puerto Rico you lucky fucks...whatchu bitchin' about!!

Maybe he can use that come the next mass shooting....hey you "insert city here" only 35 of YOU died...look at Vegas! You got so LUCKY "insert city here."


I don't know much about Rex Tillerson other than he's completely unqualified for his post in DOUCHE'S cabinet (pretty much putting him on par with that whole collection of assholes) but he certainly knows his fucking morons.

Trump went to Vegas to visit the shooting survivors on Tuesday or Wednesday or....honestly all of these days have blurred into horrific sadness overall...but i think it was Wednesday...YES it was because TUESDAY was the day DOUCHE was in Puerto Rico mocking THEIR suffering.  I didn't read about DOUCHE'S trip to Vegas so i don't know what he did or what he said, but I do know that Donny John Trump supports the NRA and received money from he should burn in hell and i hope one of those shooting victims told him as much.

Thoughts and Prayers though, right GOP?

hey....if you're surprised that Anti-Abortion legislation supporters like Pittsburgh's own Tim Murphy are fucking hypocrites.....WELCOME TO AMERICA!!!!!

*turns out Murphy resigned* Turns you can't be a sinister women's rights hating piece of shit if your former mistress is calling you out on all of those abortions you wanted her to have.......honestly are there ANY rational minded people who are still registered Republicans?  If me.

And in a move that the NRA probably thinks will make them look just a smidgen less the group of domestic terrorist cocksuckers that they are, on Wednesday they came out with a statement saying that they endorsed tighter restrictions on that "wonderful" little device murderously violent white dudes put on their rifles that allow them to shoot like machine guns.

Well...I'm convinced....aren't you? Whoever made that statement must've been smacked in head by that hard-on Wayne LaPierre gets every time there's a mass shooting in America and fuck-tards like Alex Jones blame liberals and santa claus and muslims and friends of muslims and people who eat falafel on them. Mass shootings are like black friday to the NRA with all those Jethros and Bubbas and Billy Bobs running out to buy guns and protect their moonshine and small thinking.

and for those of you sick, lost bastards our there who think people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Breitbart and Bannon and those guys are just contrarian figures....i offer you THIS

But you don't hear me though.....

While we all spent the week dodging bullets or watching our asshole president throw paper towels at and insult Puerto Rican people or sitting in our homes drinking vodka and mourning the death of Tom Petty, our shitty Domestic Terrorist controlled House passed their first part of a budget that would set the stage for that big tax overhaul and basically make the rich richer while gutting the shit out of Medicare and Medicaid.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD......just in case you needed more proof that our racist, rapist, sexual assaulting grab-em-by-the-pussy baby-dicked "president" hates women.....DOUCHE announced that his Administration of Clowns, Sycophants and Swamp Creatures is set to roll back the birth control mandate created by the Obama Administration.  And because Trump is such a sinister piece of camel shit, he's extending that to business that are NOT non-profit or psycho culturally dying religious institutes. You can read all about it HERE

while you're at it you can donate to the ACLU right the fuck HERE

Overall I'd say it's been a pretty shitty week. The things I missed, like Jeffy "the racist" Sessions declaring Trans people to be disordered.  You know, the DOUCHE administration is a pack of ass clowns. But they've proven themselves to be quite dangerous and hurtful to people who don't fit their proper profile: White, Male, Racist and Ignorant.  It can and has been a demoralizing year thus far, and a lot of the time it seems like we're just racing toward the bottom, democracy hollowed out, and vile oligarchs and racists back in vogue. I don't know what you all are clinging to out there. Art? Music? Film? Family? Whatever it is that's keeping you going....good. Keep your heads up....because we gotta continue to be strong to take on these motherfuckers.

so stick at 10:30 we got the poetry of Thomas R. Thomas, and tomorrow at 10:30 I'm dropping some photography bombs.....also, i thank you to you folks who have been sending.  Was pretty hairy there for a while.....that's not to say we aren't out of the woods....You pissed about any of the Nazi bullshit Trump and his cronies have been pushing this week?  Make art...and send it to me. Poetry, Photos, Fiction, Short essay, rants, etc.......


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