Saturday, November 25, 2017

WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week FORTY FOUR wrap up

HEY.....Charles Manson is dead!!!!

well....I tried.

I'll freely admit to not being a part of the cultural zeitgeist but I really thought that Manson was already dead. I imagine I'll probably wake up one morning with the country deep in the troughs of illiberal democracy and authoritarianism, to the sound of the national anthem and I'll say.....America? But I already thought America was dead!

all the same....god giveth....and then god taketh away:

RIP David

If there was a re-run show that captured and enraptured the fat solitary child that was me after the Monkees and the Brady was the Partridge Family.

Anyway here we are.....week FORTY FOUR where we've now been reduced to determining which kinds of sexual assault are the good kinds and which are the bad least we're doing it publicly right? I imagine powerful, famous (mostly white) dudes in all major forms of business and entertainment must be cowering over their turkey this week....unless they're Republicans. Nah, those fucks get to run for Senate and run the country no matter who they assault, rape or grope. But whose next? They have to be wondering. Well, shit, if Charlie Rose did it.....I'm at the point where I'm waiting for Betty Aberlin to come out and talk about how Fred Rogers used to like to walk around the set of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe with his dick hanging out saying "I hope today is just special for you," while finger-fucking his X the Owl puppet. I wouldn't be surprised that's for sure.

Hey....anyone read any good stories about Dennis Blunden?

Anyway....Gayly forward.....

North Korea has been once-again designated as a state sponsor of terrorism by our very own sexual-assaulter-in-chief. North Korea had originally made the list back in 1988 after North Korean agents planted a bomb on a South Korean passenger jet killing 115 people, but were taken off the list by good ol Dubya back in 2008, as a bargaining chip to get North Korea to maybe halt that nuclear program that they've been working on since Jesus Christ left Chicago. For DOUCHE this couldn't happen soon enough. Calling Kim Jong-Un "little" and "Rocket Man" and offering to destroy North Korea with "fire and fury" and forcing Donny John to look up the word "dotard" simply have not been enough to stop North Korea from developing weapons that could destroy California in perhaps the way that climate change inducing wildfires have this year. Now we deal with these fuckers the American way....we squeeze them financially.

And why not?  Look how well squeezing people into a docile, compliant, ignorant populace has worked on our own citizens. Keeping people broke and hopeless has been the American way since at LEAST 1776.

You know what else is downright American to talk about during this week where we stuff our faces, tell ourselves that great big national lie, and then go out and justify our existence by buying shit?  Striping people of their rights....and like a true patriot Donny John the DOUCHE did just that this week by revoking the temporary protections for 59,000 Haitians who have lived and worked in the United States since an earthquake destroyed their country back in 2010. Of course this isn't the first time Donny John has wielded his baby-dicked, he did the same thing last month to 2,500 Nicaraguans. And watch out El Salvador.....all 200,000 of you might be on the chopping block next week. surprises here. Just ask the people in Puerto Rico how fucking benevolent the DOUCHE administration is.


And in another Donny John DOUCHE administration no-brainer....The F.C.C. announced that it plans on reversing the two year old rule on Net Neutrality, to which the folks at AT&T and Comcast responded by sending the F.C.C. selfies of their erect penises. What this essentially means is that big internet providers may be able to charge consumers more money for access to certain web sites and may also prioritize their own shit over things being free and equal. I'll bet that new Disney streaming service will be fast as fuck now. Sorry Criterion channel. Less Olivier Assayas and more of this corporate cunt:

I know that it's the news medias job to continue to act like Donald Trump is a real president as a opposed to a rapist charlatan whose presidency is illegitimate due to Russian influence and the opioid epidemic that's been effecting millions of his inbred supporters.....but stop acting surprised that he's defending and supporting Roy Moore. Rapists and old white dudes stick together folks....and that's exactly what these shit-packing devils are doing. Trump ALWAYS wanted to support Moore. Moore was Bannon's guy. A little less shock folks......and dig deeper. Bobby Mueller deeper....word on the street is got Putin lapdog Michael Flynn to finally play ball...Flynn and his legal team have officially cut off communications to the DOUCHE legal team in regards to the Russian either Mueller has something so good on Comrade Flynn that he's willing to sing or the man has had a total change of heart. Let's remember Flynn was DOUCHE's boy....he was on board with the DOUCHE agenda from very early on and even helped shaped some of the inane, racist ideas that DOUCHE presented during his campaign.

Christ.... i know it's a long shot but all i want for Christmas is a Donald Trump indictment....and if i can't have that....well, seeing Jarred Kushner or DOUCHE Jr. in handcuffs would be nice.

For white collar workers and the wealthy this week was Thanksgiving week. You know I never really enjoyed Thanksgiving...i mean i like to overeat and drink to excess as much as any other American but I began disliking the holiday at around 12 or 13 when the next day my ass was up at 4:30 a.m. hoisting newspapers in the doorways of slumbering philistines. I grew to like Thanksgiving a lot less as I began to work my way through a number of retail jobs and had to endure black Friday madness and a good month or more of 12-16 hours days with fucking Christmas music playing, most horrifyingly working a a wal-mart sized wine and liquor store in Buffalo immortalized in this little novel you can purchase right HERE for the drunken misanthrope on your Christmas list. I also never really found much joy in breaking bread with others....i guess I'm not French in that way....and that miserable, insufferable, plastic, drag, dullard Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.....Look, overall I'm anti-parade. You can keep all of them. Especially Fourth of July parades....fuck the Fourth of July....but growing up in home that had one television for years I was forced to endure that Macy's parade on a yearly basis. My old man never even watched the thing...he'd sit there reading the paper while my brother and I endured those horrible floats, the saccharine lip synced pop music, the chipper-than-though morning TV show assholes acting as emcees for the whole debacle....and if you've seen one high school marching've seen them all. When my brother and i got older we used to change the station on my old man when he left the room to see how long it would take for him to tell that the parade was no longer on, replaced by One Day at a Time and Facts of Life reruns. Give me Valerie Bertinelli any day over fucking Marcy's and their Thanksgiving horror sideshow.

I recently asked my old man why he watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade every single year....his answer? It was something to is making a puzzle or staring at a wall.

for those of you who disagree with my take on the hackneyed lump of shit that is the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade....may i present piece of evidence #1 in my defense:

Piece of evidence #2:

And floating piece of corporate douche-baggery as piece of evidence #3:

...who needs a drink???


well....that does it for me.  Today is exactly one month until Christmas in this most miserable year guess is we'll be spending the next month fighting the Holiday culture wars and grinning tightly as self-righteous white people say MERRY CHRISTMAS with extra emphasis, baited, of course, by their Asshole-in-Chief, all the while helplessly watching Senate and congressional Republicans figure out new and improved ways to fuck citizens tax-wise while giving hand jobs to gilded oligarchs like the Koch times await.

stick get me at 10:30 and tomorrow at 10:30 comes the wonderful poet, Tamara Madison, to the SideWalk.

I need your poetry/fiction/essays/doodles/rants....etc......we got a long way to go yet


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