Saturday, April 18, 2020


i want to be a better person
but fuck you bitch
if you won’t tell me how

the dudes are out
us dudes are always out

loitering on corners
yelling on our cell phones
in front of windows

walking up and down the street
in packs of two or three or four

even during a global pandemic
us dudes are out

with our hands in our pockets
swinging our big dicks

getting coffee and a paper
like it ain’t nothing

maybe it ain’t

we’ve spread
toxic masculinity and misogyny
waaaaayyy the fuck further than some little flu

so stay inside ladies
you little punk-ass girlie men too

let the guys handle it

the tough guys
the real men

let us stay outside all day
jackhammering, buzz sawing

walking around in circles like we know our shit

then let us come back inside
for dinner and a beer on the couch

infecting you and yours
and everyone you love

like we always have
with our macho bullshit

roll our eyes and say
what are you bitchin’ about now, huh?

because the men got this
like we got everything else

you’re in good hands, babe

i swear
i promise.

--John Grochalski


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