Wednesday, July 15, 2009

poem of the day 07.15.09


my boss tells me
her friend thought that i was cute.
it’s the eyes, she says.
i tell her that i haven’t been
hit on in twelve years
and even though we laugh
it’s true.
she says men don’t think like that
and i tell her sure we do.
the world has made men
sensitive in this way now.

out at the desk
i help some hispanic woman
with her resume
she is wearing
a halter top and thin black tights
and as i’m helping her
i keep staring at her breasts.
she thanks me and comes back
and hour later with her hair done
and lipstick on.
she hands me a card
with a buddhist meditation on it
and tells me that it is for someone
searching for a purpose.

then she smiles at me
and leaves.
i look at the card again
and think about the smell of my wife
on me
after having quick sex before work
for the second time this week
and i read the meditation again
that extra day of showering is really
paying off lately.

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