Tuesday, July 21, 2009

poem of the day 07.21.09

exhaustion and such have overwhelmed me lately. not a new one, per se,
but i've never posted it here

moment of clarity

busted lamp
busted television
warping the screen
cat hair moving around
the room like tumbleweeds
caught in the whirl of
the dying fan
caught in the patches of dried
hair ball and vomit
that i can’t scrape up
empty pockets
empty stomach
empty scotch and wine bottles
in a row in the kitchen
beer cans on the nightstand
stained wine on the coffee table
stained wine on my t-shirt
wine and blood and dirt
and come caked into
the grooves in the hardwood floor
tartar glossing my teeth
gums swollen
gray hair on my face
unshaven the whole week
mosquito bites looking infected
and red
cat liter embedded in my flesh
the lamp snaps off again
and the electric bill came today
how did it get like this?
oh shit, when did it happen?

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