Wednesday, June 2, 2010

poem of the day 06.02.10

the best thing that’s
happened this year

i have ninety days
until i’m being let go from the job

i have a belly full of chicken wings and beer

i have big plans baby

and poems sent out
all over the universe

i have a roof over my head
and the bill are being paid for now

i have madrid and rome waiting for me

every american road that i can think of
anxious for me somewhere down the line

i have new york city sinking
into the abyss every single day
and i can’t wait for it
to fall into the shit and just die

it seems to me that i have
everything, kiddo

but sitting here with you
in the twilight

your eyes heavy

falling asleep

well, you’re the best thing
that’s happened this year

i lift my head to tell everyone this
thinking it some kind of revelation

but they already know

and i’m behind the curve once again.

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