Thursday, October 13, 2011

poem of the day 10.13.11

five bangs

the two white teenagers
stand at the bus stop

with their short hair
peach fuzz beards and earrings

they have the world by the balls
talking in hip hop slang
but not having to have to live a hip hop life

it seems terrible to me
that some people die young
but these kind get to live
and maybe one day reproduce

the two white teenagers are talking about girls

about girls at their catholic school
about the girls at the local public one

girls in dyker heights
girls in gravesend
girls all over brooklyn

the taller one is obviously the alpha male

he keeps talking about all
of the girls he’s banged

he banged the one in bay ridge twice
the one in dyker he only got to bang once

but the one from sheepshead bay
the public school girl
he tells his friend that he gave her

five bangs

he holds up his meaty privileged right hand
his fat virginal fingers

five bangs, he says again

the other kid stands there looking at the hand
he stands in awe of his friend
tallying up the amount of bangs in his head

unaware of his close proximity
to such a bullshitter

five bangs, i repeat to myself
still waiting on the bus

more than likely, five bangs in his head

of course, you never know these days
with the way these kids dress just for attention

they leave nothing to the imagination anymore

their young asses
their young legs

maybe all of these kids
are little fuck monsters now

maybe five bangs
is a low ball estimate for this idiot
and i’m just getting too old

married and long past
five bangs with a young girl

too blinded by trivial adult survival
to see a player playing his game
right before my tired and squinting eyes.

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