Wednesday, December 5, 2012

poem of the day 12.05.12

dogs are running free

these are the dogs who keep
running free
this italian mook
in a leather coat with his bald head
gleaming off the streetlights
talking his shit into his cell phone
acting like he has the world by the balls
this spaghetti slurping abortion
this mother’s douche
this swaggering stereotype
this typical american fuck
whose fetid shit flows
down the same pipes as mine does
(when they work)
it is a painful act of human kindness
sitting in this living room
listening to him boast
over some senseless trifle
and not leaping off the couch
to murder him in cold blood
this dog running free
this slab of milk fed veal
this slice of pizza
this big fucking idiot
leaning on everyone’s car
like he owns the block
and cackling into the gloomy night
he makes you pray for rain
or another act of god
something to get him off of the pavement
chained back into his hovel
a 70-inch television plastered to his wall
to satiate him
a horse’s head blood red on his mattress
as a warning
instead of out here
like a dog running free
sniffing his own ass for pleasure
as another call comes in
on his cell phone
a most prosaic soundtrack of the night.

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