Friday, December 6, 2013

poem of the day 12.06.13

simon (reprise)

i won’t give up my seat on the bus
for simon
for his mom
i look like a dick but i don’t care
this old man keeps craning his head back at me
shaking it in disgust
while simon runs around the bus
while simon’s mom stands there holding
his carriage
her cell phone
a bag of milky way candy bars
simon’s knapsack
but let the old fucker look
i tried giving my seat up for him
i gave it to an old lady yesterday
and a pregnant one the other week
i’m well stocked in good deeds
for the rest of this year
and maybe next
plus i hate simon
i hate simon’s mom
his carriage that blocks the aisle
her cellphone that plays episodes of barney
which simon watches
while eating the bag of milky way candy bars
the knapsack he throws like a boulder
let her stand
let simon run around kicking people
and throwing a tantrum
i don’t give a shit
i’m a tax payer
i throw down eighty bucks a month
to ride this fucking bus home from work
with kids blasting rap
with assholes shouting on their cell phones
with people breathing down each other’s necks
with simon’s carriage tripping me
with his mother’s cell phone screaming
with milky way wrappers stuck to the bottom of my shoes
i deserve this seat
nah, i’ve fucking earned it
you can go to hell old man, who keeps looking at me
you can kiss my ass simon’s mom
next time use birth control
and simon
when you grow up
i hope whatever miserable job you get
involves a bus ride home every night
with some dumb
ugly, pig-ignorant fuck of a kid like you
kicking at your shins
when all you want to do is listen to lou reed
read some poetry or comic books
hunger for that first drink
or whatever it is you might be throwing together
for dinner.
that night.


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