Tuesday, May 12, 2015

poem of the day 05.12.15

rather be in madrid

there are so many people in here
grabbing at their own shit to throw it
that the old cliché comes to mind

opinions are like assholes

or is that a saying?
a prophesy of humanity?

oh, but it doesn’t matter
for all of the gums flapping in here

the sucked up oxygen
the poison carbon dioxide blues

this one has her hand up
so does this one

this one speaks of something
no one was talking about in the first place

all this flesh clamoring
to get a word in edgewise

searching for significance
like anxious street whores on the gran via

cliché after cliché
making fartfaces at each other
in between sucks on the caffeine tit

sweating wild jacked-in automatons
with nowhere better on earth to be

while outside
these locked windows

the fat pigeons of the city
look like airplanes

dive bombing
into the pregnant yellow sun.


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