Friday, September 18, 2015

poem of the day 09.18.15

silly string

road weary
colby stands
in the driveway
red eyed messed hair
90 miles an hour from maryland to pittsburgh
april spring is still a virgin
but he’s wearing jeans shorts
shivering cardboard suitcase
he hasn’t been here in months
we head to my room
lounge in silence
cindy crawford  playboy spread passed around
colby with two jobs in maryland
a party store a chuck e. cheese
where he works the kitchen with russians
hears russian all day
yells back american english to reignite the cold war
he rises and sprays
a can of silly string all over calvin
all over cindy crawford naked and glossy
laughing maniacal
we head further into the suburban abyss
to get drunk on beer
reciting the poetry of kevin smith dialog
monty python sketch scenes
the waitress blush says
i think you better leave after this round, boys
in the parking lot colby silly strings
some rich prick’s porche
and we lie in wait
until he comes out with his little girlfriend
a big bulk of american nothing
ocean city boardwalk bar hoodie and plaid shorts
screaming bloody murder at the sight
he scans the lot
we stifle prankster cackles
as i think how sad it’ll be
to watch colby drive away from all of us


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