Wednesday, December 23, 2015

poem of the day 12.23.15

a most wonderful time

they have christmas music
playing out of the computer

three hours of jingles on youtube
because it’s the most wonderful time of the year

unless someone is dropping drone bombs on your homeland

i must be the degenerate here
because i never understand it

they have music playing out of their cell phones
dueling symphonies of comfort and joy

and everyone is feigning happiness until december 26th

until they can hate again freely
and talk their war talk and xenophobic glamour

everyone is wiggling in their seats
while i sit there begging to be struck down
by fat fucking santa’s sleigh

there is something lost in the translation for me
at this time of year

something they all have that i never got
like good looks and rich parents

maybe i’m worn down by living in perpetual war
tired of stepping over the homeless
on the way for a pound of meat

their ring tones play joyful and triumphant
and they say, turn that music up!

it heals them in some way
like a good stiff drink or three calms my savage beast

good god i wish this music was all it took
a little jingle bell rock to salvage the liver
and bring peace on earth

instead of the inevitable hangover and guilt
from the garbage and bodies piling up
like gifts underneath another browning tree

but here they are
singing feliz navidad with the passion of dylan zealots

like fucking aliens awaiting the deluge

and here i am
trying to keep the bile of another year ending
trapped up inside this sack of aging flesh

it’s all i can do to be in this room
and i can’t even do that well

so i get up and leave
go outside to stand in the warm yuletide rain

as assholes stuck at red lights wearing santa hats
honk their horns and call each other names

give the christmas middle finger to each other
with frosty the snowman
blaring out of their cars like rap bass in the summer

as wrapping paper roads
glimmer with the spectacle
of the climate change blues

and another newspaper headline
rolling in the breeze
tells me that someone else has died for their country

in afghanistan or on these very streets

for this glittering artifice
for this shit stain seasonal memory lapse

fa la la la la….la fucking la.


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