Saturday, December 16, 2017

WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week FORTY SEVEN wrap up

Well.....there's a wrong way and a right way to do terrorism, I guess.....the wrong way would be what Akayed Ullah did on Monday morning in my city by failing to properly detonate a pipe bomb, burning his hands and abdomen and injuring three people, but mostly leaving millions of others pissed off that their commute was delayed by this fucking moron....Seriously? This guy lives in Brooklyn; he should've known the morning commute in NYC was shitty enough already without his "lone-wolf" pseudo-ISIS horseshit.

On a serious note Ullah claimed that he created and was determined to set off his piece-of-crap pipe bomb in retaliation for U.S. strikes against ISIS in Syria and other places...and just to note as well, this was the third terrorist attack in NYC since September 2016, and the second one in two months.

Of course "president" DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER had to chime in with something akin to: "blah, blah blah blah, immigration, blah blah blah blah, stronger, blah blah blah blah make america great again." Thanks dickhead....of course this is the SAME global embarrassment who declared Jerusalem Israel's capital and put a target on all of our backs.

I will admit that Ullah did enter the United States on one of those family visa programs that keeps our baby-dick commander-in-thief up Twitting about....guess they can't all be pizza makers.

On Monday, 3 of the women Donald J. Trump sexually assaulted gathered together to once again try and spark a discussion that among the multitude of high profile sleazeballs currently being pushed out of movies, the news media, sports media, sports, restaurants (here's looking at you Mario Batali you fucking sleaze), that the biggest sexual offender of all still resides in the highest office in the land...and taking a step away from the playbook of sticking their tails between their legs and taking it, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand publicly took our harasser-in-chief to task for his vile behavior...and, like a third grade bully who is easily baited, known rapist Donald J. Trump responded with this:

"begging" did you say??  Sounds like good ol' Donny John still got those sexual harasser sea legs after all....just what could he mean by "begging?" And I love how everyone is a flunky. Kirsten Gillibrand, Doug Jones...all flunkies...all flunkies for Chuck Schumer who is too busy doing nothing to even come out and defend his colleague in the face of Trump's sexual harassing taunts....yeah...Chuck Schumer.

Speaking of dirtbags....on Tuesday the fine people of Alabama....actually did the right thing. By a 1.7% margin they elected Doug Jones over Child Molester Roy Moore for the senate seat left vacant by Jeffy "the racist" Sessions......hey....even I can't believe I'm writing this....but believe it....believe it because it's true. Here's why this is good. The election of Jones limits to sentate to one vote in favor of republicans (Mike Pence you better buy a cot, asshole). This is a rebuke of Trump. This is a rebuke of Bannon. This means that people in the state of Alabama didn't want a CHILD MOLESTER representing them in federal government.

I don't know what doors this opens for democrats in 2018 because they always find a way to screw things up....but after the shellacking the party (and the country) has been taking at the hands of the GOP the past two weeks or so......we've got Doug Jones in there now....and the late-to-the-party Democratic resistance to DOUCHE finally has a face in Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Things are on the up and up....until Trump fires Mueller, that is.....

Which the GOP certainly seems hell bent to help him do by trying to discredit everyone from FBI agents exchanging private emails to Rod Rosenstein to Robert Mueller, America's #1 domestic terrorist organization has kinda settled into living with Donny John so that they can keep him around to sign that bullshit tax bill and next year to break his promise to his inbred base by gutting things like welfare. Those nefarious GOP swine on Capitol Hill have found a reason to keep ol' DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER around and aren't about to let a little bit of Russian collusion stand in there way

the 2018 election is still a long way away folks....who knows what damage these motherfuckers will cause by then.

But we continue to know what they are capable of.....Word on the street is that the GOP house and senate have almost/if not already have finalized their Tax Scam for the that group of patriotic, rag-tag, rugged individualists are able to get together and do ANYTHING is beyond me.....yet despite my surprise they have managed to put together a TaxScam fit for kings...or at least 1% of the nation.  How did they manage doing that when 64% of the population is against it? Why, my's called NOT GIVING A FUCK.  You can read the specifics of it right here, as I'm tired and I'm sick, and I honestly don't know shit about taxes other than I hate paying them...but since I live in blue state New York I might as well go and fuck myself on that as well.

Speaking of fucking yourself....Donny John's approval rating is down to 32%....what's shocking about this is that 32% of Americans think that cocksucking rapist is doing a good job....of course 89% of Americans believe in God and 42% don't believe in you take progress where you can in the land of the free home of the brave.

USA! USA! U...S...A.....

Joining Mario Batali this weeks as new members to the sexual harassment/sexual abuse Douche Bags club:  Dustin Hoffman, Tavis Smiley, Russell Simmons, who ever the fuck THIS creep is, surprise, surprise, JOCKS, and Morgan Spurlock, who outed himself as a rapist creep because that Super Size Me money must've run out.

Star Wars SPOILER ALERT.....Disney is going to make a shit ton of money.  I'll see the film but some of the fun has been taken out of the movies for me since that dirbag company bought LucasFilms.....Disney....stealing intellectual property since it's founding.....don't believe me just ask Ub Iwerks.....Add to that the fact that Disney announced on Thursday that they were buying 21st Century Fox, which means they own not only their property but the Muppets, Marvel, Lucasfilms,and a shit ton of movies and TV shows that were previously owned by 21st century fox like Deadpool, the Fantastic Four and X-men.

so...who gives a shit that we live under an inept buffoonish autocratic regime hell bent on destroying the foundations of our democracy, while the governing party of the country attacks the special investigation into Russian collusion all the while gives tax breaks to the wealthy as they salivate over paying the debt by gutting public programs like medicare, social security and welfare, as company after company consolidates into one mass corporate glob that controls electricity, gas, entertainment, sports long as Wolverine and Johnny Storm get to be in Avengers 5.....i'm cool.

At least retail sales are keep buying shit, everyone!

I have several tests that I use to determine whether or not someone is an asshole.. of those test is: is this person a libertarian.  FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, has been described in many circles as a, in my book, Ajit an asshole. So this asshole, along with two OTHER assholes, voted by a 3-2 margin to dismantle the Net Neutrality rules that had been in place since 2015. Just in case you live under a rock...Net Neutrality was established to prevent internet providers from blocking certain web sites and from charging customers more for certain perks like faster/high quality services....but Republicans being Republicans and Ajit Pai being an asshole...this sort of parity simply wasn't good enough when there's money to be made and people to screw the assholes over-turned it....of course this will take weeks for the changes to take effect and democrats are already trying to get legislation going to make Net Neutrality law and several states are suing the FCC....but for now it's looking like the oligarchs and big business are continuing their winning streak...but don't worry soon Disney will have their streaming service in place and b/c they have money to throw might not get that indie service you want....but they'll be plenty of captain america's and kylo ren's to toss around.

So to sum up this week thus far.....62% of the population does NOT support the GOP TaxScam and an overwhelming 83% of the population SUPPORTS net neutrality.....this begs the question: WHO IN THE FUCK IN YOUR GOVERNMENT REALLY WORKING FOR?

think about that.....and stick at 10:30 we have the poetry of Thomas R. Thomas, and tomorrow at the same time we have the poetry of Jon Bennett.

well....we're inching toward year one of this bullshit.  I'm not giving up or giving in? are YOU?  if not....send me this fat Orange fuck can try and dismantle our country we can at least go after him with art.



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