Saturday, March 2, 2019


A National Emergency

has been declared by the guy
who holds the highest title in the land,
with the lowest IQ. And zero empathy
on the humanity scale.

The brown people on the southern border
are invading. We should all feel threatened.
Most don't.

His base is poppin' hate boners, a total
aphrodisiac to get 'em in the mood 
for more hate. After all, this is an invasion.

Parkland was one year ago. The guy who 
wrote the Columbine story just released
a book about Parkland and its students.
The ones who survived and the ones
who didn't.

The covers are eerily the same. 
A 19 year gap between shootings
and nothing has changed.

The president didn't mention the shooting --
or the kids who survived in his State of the Union.
But he did bring on a kid who has the same
last name as him. 

A wall to prevent the brown invasion from
the outside. The invasion inside is 
open territory.

There is no invasion. The threat is 
real, but it's an inside job.

Learn your walls. 

--Cathy Porter

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