Sunday, August 4, 2019


lowly tourist dude-bro at the robert mapplethorpe exhibit

what was that shit about?

was that your definitive critique
or were you just in need of art history 101?

hat backwards
beach bar t-shirt

stumbling around the guggenheim
like you just came in here
to take the world’s most expensive shit

though it must suck, bro
a sweltering day in new york city
mucking up your vay-cay

and all you’ve got to show for it
are dozens of pictures of big black cocks

guys in leather
with thick whips up their asses

the occasional erect flower

it’s a long way
from seeing the city by bus
and taking pictures with iron man
in times square, i know

but it can’t all be
buying MAGA hats at trump tower
and eating $10 hot dogs on liberty island

can it?

or maybe it would’ve been cooler
if it were pictures of kids locked up in cages

just think of what
you’ll be able to tell your bros
back in missouri or tennessee

or whatever slice of apple pie
you happen to come from

somewhere that’s safe
for mike pence to cruise the gay bars
on a common wednesday night
before he finds an open church

think of the laughs you’ll have
over some ice-cold buds and chicken wings

kind of a cool place
but i wouldn’t want to live there

i know it’s hard to be you right now

lowly tourist dude-bro
at the robert mapplethorpe exhibit

thinking everyone around you
is some kind of fag
because they aren’t as aghast as you are

dick on-hard
to get down to the 9/11 memorial
and swim around in american flags

never forget
never forget

buy a NYPD t-shirt and hat

that you can wear around
like some kind of proud peacock

when that big ol’ airplane
brings you safely home

to the real america.

--John Grochalski


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