Monday, November 4, 2019


Speed Bump
                After Russell Edson

                The unpresidential president admits that he can’t help himself. He just grabs ‘em by the pussy. And voters shrug their shoulders. Tired of the ambiguous words used by previous elected officials. Words like “grope” and “fondle.” They like that he tells it like it is. Like that he uses words like “God” and “tax cuts” and “bad people” and “wall.”
                The wall that is still just a campaign promise. The wall that Mexico refuses to pay for. The wall that is now going to be a barrier. A barrier that will eventually be a speed bump.

Soon the unpresidential president will appear on Fox News and proclaim that the speed bump will really slow down the immigrants. That apprehending them will be so simple after its construction. Will add that he is available to help with the beautiful detainees. That nobody knows more about cavity searches than he does . . .

--Corey Cook

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