Friday, September 4, 2020



This is just an annoucement...whether or not Trump wins or loses this election. or disputes the results until he's blue in the face....WineDrunk SideWalk: Shipwrecked in TrumpLand will cease to exist after January 20th, 2021. I'll explain more later but the simple fact is...I'm tired. Been doing this for almost four years, and I'm someone who never considered myself an editor of anything...I'm someone who never wants to edit again. I do want to thank all of the contributors (I will get more in depth on the last day) and those of you who've read and supported this protest blog of art.

The next so many weeks are going to be rough in a year that's been absolutely wretched. Trump and his Republican goons, from those nazis at his rallies up to his lackies in government, will do everything that they can to damage the the accuracy and legitimacy of this election. Please vote. Please protest. Please make your voices heard on line. PLEASE SUBMIT HERE!!! And even if Biden wins...i hate to say it...but these people are NOT going to be gone. Not the Trumps, not the American Fascist Far-Right. This will be a sustained struggle. A struggle for Democracy. A Struggle to make sure that minority voices are heard. A struggle to make sure that minority bodies are no longer harmed or murdered on our streets for ther gender or color of their skin. BLACK LIVES MATTER. BELIEVE WOMEN. TRANS LIVES MATTER.  All of those slogans....they aren't just slogans.

I'm rambling on....I do hope that the final day of WineDrunk SideWalk ends with the new administration being sworn in. Despite what your opinions are on Joe Biden (and I have mine), we are right at the cliff's edge. Do we push toward true democracy or do we succumb to authoritarianism and government entrenched white supremacy? Those are our only choices this year. I hope we choose wisely. And if, god forbid, Trump wins....I hope there's someone out there who wants to take up this mantle.

on with the protest....

The Made for TV President’s

Most Excellent
Adventure tour
reached its apex
of unreality

with jingoistic
hate filled
advertising scams
in an event like
a convention that
really wasn’t one

Featured obvious misuse
of presidential powers
for campaign
photo ops
and sound bites galore

with public spaces
utilized as props

Close examination
of principle speakers
revealed son DJ
had been body snatched
by lizard people

and his girlfriend’s
screen test for Sopranos
reboot as the mistress
from hell substituted for
a speech

Ivanka proved once
again you can learn
how to be stylish but
but you can’t fake class

Rose Garden speeches
staged at night
not for dramatic effect
but to hide the desecration
of the space that looks
like a cemetery
now that Jackie’s cherry
trees are cut down and
all the colorful flowers

Leni Riefenstahl camera
technique used daily
though even she would
have blushed to see
excessive Trump 2020
fireworks display

Missing was new hit
remake of Nat King Cole
singing Deplorable
That’s what’s you are
Deplorable you

--Alan Catlin

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