Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poem of the day 10.16.08


i was bored
of the conversation in the bar
so i watched this brunette
etch something into
the bar table with her keychain.
she looked drunk
and determined.
she’d etch then pick up her pint
and take a long pull.
she did it again.
then her boyfriend came back
with two pitchers of beer
and some darts that he got from
the bartender.
she wasn’t done etching yet
but he pulled her from her chair
all the same
and took her into the back room
and the two of them took turns
drinking and necking
and throwing darts.
that was pretty boring
to watch as well,
but i figured you take a mad artist
some sharp utensils
and a decent amount of beer
and maybe
just maybe
something could happen
or someone could die
and for a spectator like me
the night could finally escape
the void
of all of the other nights
where people play it safe
and then just go home
to sleep it off.

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