Monday, October 20, 2008

Poem of the Day 10.20.08


she is looking
back at me
come hither eyes
red hair
chocolate skin
slumped demeanor
so i start moving
act distracted
because this happens
almost everyday
to me
on this block

someone always
wants money.

and i hear good
stories too.
a daughter in the
someone here from
new orleans
of hurricane katrina
someone just needing
money for a pint.

i’m waiting on the
or busted wall street
broker stories
but they haven’t come

usually i’m pretty
good with giving it out.
the money.
i don’t discriminate.
i’ve been known
to hand over
my last buck
because at least
i know where
my next buck is coming

but something about me
has me telling everyone no.
call it a lack of benevolence
or otherwise
the economy
my health
maybe handing over cash
feels redundant
and i should just donate
to a charity.
i simply do not know.
but i’ve been interested
in keeping my cash
interested in denying
those who ask.

i hope i get over
it soon
the world could
use one less
asshole in it.

but for now
i’m keeping a tight grip
on the wallet
and at the next light
i’m crossing the street
to get a roll
and a hot cup of coffee
from that deli
and ms. red
with the come hither eyes
and wonderful chocolate skin
can find herself
willing benefactor
to woo
this morning.

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