Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Poem of the Day 11.12.08

falling apart

my arm hurts
i tell her
no it is numb
no there’s a pain
right down by the thumb
and my chest hurts too
and she says
your gas is acting up again
because you eat for shit
and should probably
stop drinking
or at least slow down
and i say
my head hurts too
like these shooting pains
in obtuse places
but most are on the sides
and she asks
do they run down the neck
it’s your sinuses
you have bad sinuses
go see a doctor
or take some meds
i tell her i’m falling apart
i’ve been falling apart all year
legs pains
gas pains
chest pains
head pains
burred vision
high cholesterol
and i think i might be
getting early onset alzheimer’s
or diabetes
and she says you just had
your blood checked
and your memory is fine
i have high anxiety
i’m tired all the time
it’s mono
you’re a hypochondriac
i am?
but i read that hypochondriacs
are better in tune with their
than most
like they can tell things before
doctors can
where did you read that?
shit if i remember.

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