Friday, November 14, 2008

Poem of the Day 11.14.08

okay not one of my best. but it's fucking 60 degrees in NYC in the morning (WHAT THE FUCK?), i'm hungover and in my boxers, and frankly you're lucky i'm even up doing this, this morning.

idle life

well there is
this morning
but the news
and schubert
and the sound
of cars moving
up the rainy
i think of those people
out there so early
while i’m sitting
in this hot
during another bland
lifeless november
trying to play
at artist.
how do they
not do themselves in?
make a left
over some embankment
and end it all?
why haven’t i?
but then i realize
we cling to this
the senseless doings
of life.
it keeps us busy
keeps us away from
it is sad.
and we’ve never
been trained
any other way.
so run, good mice
because the sun
is coming up
and the cheese
keeps getting
further and further

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