Tuesday, July 9, 2013

poem of the day 07.09.13

all right

turn on my
r&B mix
it has music on it
that i’ve been
listening to
for longer than some drinking adults
have been alive
do this
to tune out
two screaming kids
and thoughts about the woman
who threw a library card in my face
first thing
this morning
and said
you should know me by now
as if that would offer her some kind of
courtesy or service
above the norm that i’m paid to give
listen to this music
as the bus stops at 13th avenue
letting off two girls in short shorts
who don’t care if the world sees their asses or not
watch them laugh at men
who watch them
thinking all of the pretty young girls in brooklyn
get off at
13th avenune
while i fondle my whiskey and wine bottles
hoping to put another night
in the record books
as mary j. blige coos in my ear
don’t you know you’re my sweet thing
a cover of a song
that might as well be her own by now
and in my heart
i’m dancing
with this day done
and only six avenues left
for this bus
to go                                                   

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