Monday, July 29, 2013

poem of the day 07.29.13

breathing exercises

i have this window in my shower
low enough for me to look out of

and she is on her balcony
doing breathing exercises
in a turquoise top and shorts that are cut-off at her twat

it is weird to have
this window in my shower

but i’ve gotten somewhat used to it
watching the denizens of brooklyn
while i shampoo my hair

someone doing breathing exercises
as i scrub my face

the office drones racing for the bus
or slumping into their cars with coffee
while i get the armpits

the joggers and garbage men
sweating in the heat
while i do my legs and chest

the old guys shuffling with canes
doing their dance against death

the teenagers boasting with basketballs
as i hold the shower curtain and wash my feet

or the same dumb chick who pushes cigarette smoke
into my place

while she lets her pit-bull, marshmallow
shit amidst the summer flowers

and leaving
before she wipes up the stink

while i’m in here
gazing into the sunshine
dutifully washing my balls and ass


Anonymous said...

Loved your blog today. Just one thing, why don't you give her back her phone

John Grochalski said...

the world may never know why. it makes for a nice paper weight.