Thursday, July 3, 2014

poem of the day 07.03.14


skip and i were the two idiots
scheduled for fourth of july

an all-day shift selling sporting goods at the mall
because nothing says america like commerce

there was no one in the mall
but the old and the lonely
and those who didn’t believe in the fallacy
of the american dream

we’d watched all of the sporting videos that we could

skip said, back in college….

he always had a story about college
everything good and true and right and erotic
had happened to skip in college

….i was dating this girl
she liked to do it anywhere and everywhere, he said

is that right, i said
i was eighteen and had yet to have a girl
who wanted to do it anywhere and everywhere

skip was thirty and had been in a self-admitted drought
for five years

one night we were out right after a blizzard, he said
there was all of this snow

skip smiled at the memory

we were drunk, he said
and we started making out right by these huge snow drifts
next thing i know we’re on the ground
and she’s on all fours with her pants down and her ass in the air

what did you do? i said
i wished that there were more sports videos to watch

because there was nothing more depressing
than hearing someone else’s sex stories
especially when you weren’t getting any your way

skip rolled his eyes, what do you think i did?
i dropped my drawers
got right down there on my knees in the snow drift
and the two of us let nature take its course

skip smiled, we didn’t care who saw us

okay, i said
i thought he was lying

you haven’t fucked until you’ve fucked frozen, he said

well, that night i was back at the mall
with all of my pals

a bunch of guys who weren’t getting laid
in snowdrifts or otherwise

we were there to see the fireworks

next to us was a pack of college girls
in their college clothing playing patriotic songs
out of a jukebox

i wondered what it would take in me to talk to one of them
i wondered if any of them ever fucked frozen

i pictured all of their bare asses in the air
in huge snowdrifts on a cold february night

then i thought, the hell with them

i want back to watching all of those ugly colors
explode in the black sky

as one of my friends threw smoke bombs
under people’s cars

laughing as packs of families scattered to and fro

while god bless america
played all around us


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