Saturday, December 30, 2017

WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week FORTY NINE wrap up

Well.....i guess as long as that fat, orange moron stays in Florida and Golfs the rest of us can' breathe easy....unless I''ve spoken too soon.  That said I spent the year being pissed about how my tax dollars were all going to that shithead playing golf at his crappy "resort." know what? Fuck it. Whatever keeps that moron quiet...he's like a child in that way.

Although I imagine everyone in Washington D.C. is going to be quiet as we let the horror of 2017 slip into what will probably be an abysmal 2018. One highlight.....we did have Obama for president for at least 19 1/2 days this year. seems a pretty quiet week...if you don't count Roy Moore and his failed bid to file a lawsuit against a legitimate would think with school being out Roy would be casing malls instead of filing lawsuits....or DOUCHE complaining that the Russian investigation makes the U.S. look bad....sure it does....and so does having a rapist, racist reality TV game show host as president.

or how about Trump holding DACA ransom so he gets his wall.

my one wish when this nightmare ends....I wish Donald John Trump NEVER has a moment's peace when he is a private citizen. I wish his waning days are spent in turmoil and torment of his own doing.

but....wish and one hand and shit in the other and see which on fills up first.  It's like George Carlin assholes always find a way to survive.

All the same...I was going to go though a list of the things that Trump has done...but doing so made me throw up in my mouth and it gave me the

But what a year, huh? With the quiet of this week I was going to also write a post about art and movies and books, and things that we can use to keep some distance from this Trumpian horror show...but then I realized that's one perspective of looking at things...yes, i can watch a Star Wars film or lose myself in Netflix or a book....i have that luxury....for now....but millions of people do not. The damage that this administration has caused....well....i dont think we've even begun to see...that said, millions of people out there living in these United States....are being hurt....their families are being torn apart...from the coal and steel workers that Trump lied to, to the Dreamers, to Haitian immigrants, all the way to Jeffy the racist Sessions this week giving the nod to what are essentially debtors prisons...the Trump Administration has been an abomination domestically and globally...the sooner it ends the better off the world is.

though if you need to... lose yourself in Netflix... and if you that book.


I'm going to be here through the dark days of 2018....are you?

Darkest before the Dawn.  We will rise.

today you get me and tomorrow frequent contributor Thomas R. Thomas is going to close out 2017 for us. Then we dust off and begin again.

but 365 days next years is a long wanna fight? you got something to say?  send me your poems...your fiction...your rants...your essays...your photography.....again...i don't care if it's Trump related or not....we resist through ART here on WineDrunk SideWalk


see you in 2018 

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