Thursday, April 4, 2019


The Great Disappointment
it’s always struck me odd
how each generation believes
they’re the age of aquarius
they are they last line
even as that generation
brings the next generation to light

not that apocalypse
isn’t a thing
there’s been more endings
in human history
than can be named

now there is a tangible
provable, very real end
for humanity
one that sits
right at the horizon

this planet may be uninhabitable
within thirty years, within a generation
maybe less. the end of humanity

all the prophets
the proselytizers
the pundits
the politicians
sit mum with this new order
defiantly ignorant
deeply in denial

we have a broken planet
a broken system of government
for the next generations
something far worse than
the great disappointment waits

--Jason Baldinger

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