Friday, April 19, 2019


Solar System for Sale
Carl Sagan
is that you babe?
I’ve been waiting
a long damn time
for my own planet
but a whole solar system
that’s some fucking shit

can I play god?
can I convince
the inhabitants
there is a god
one all powerful
being who chose
one group
of people to be his chosen
they got the valentine
now they can kill everyone else

I called because I thought
I wanted the universe
but how can I be responsible
for a universe
if I can barely get out of bed
in the morning
if I can barely watch a sunset
and not be mystified

maybe we should scrap the whole idea
maybe you shouldn’t sell any more universe(s)
if no one cares to notice this one
if all we can do is destroy this useless beauty
that may be a simulation
or an explosion in an ever-expanding flow of space

maybe you shouldn’t sell
any more universe(s)
until we’ll learn how to love

--Jason Baldinger

Solar System for Sale:

Photography by Jason Baldinger

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