Monday, February 27, 2017



I was awake
I wanted to be asleep
but, I was awake
every shout from the street
was electric
I tossed regrouped
my pillows
and sighed deep.

I was awake
and I wanted to be asleep
the September sun
was unholy warm
I wriggled and wormed
under the static cling

I was awake
and I wanted to be asleep
every curse word
was aimed at the street.
It was on Sunday
an anti-me day
awake and flailing for sleep
waving the sheep in
calling all z’s
I am awake
and wish to be asleep.

The air conditioner
whirled too loud
I adjusted my ear plugs
the useless ear plugs,
what was I left of think.

I was awake
and wanted to be asleep
I flung my middle fingers
it is Sunday
for Christ sake
and the whole block was
alive the entire block
of blockheads couldn’t
yell at each other enough.
What the fuck
you hacks!
I am awake and I want
to be asleep.

            --Matthew Sradeja

Sunday, February 26, 2017


The Boating Party

What would Renoir make of you
adrift among too many doctors
in your pontoon upon the Mon?
The impressionists would shatter
your smile into a million glazed
facets. Seurat would point out
the sights, the sunken parking lot,
streetlights neck deep in the
rippling swells, gathered gloomy
as mourners at the wake of day.
What do artists know about joy,
or doctors for that matter, or
poets? What do tourists know
about mill strikes, scabs, and
dying on the line? When you
feel the molten works overthrow
your breathing, then you
understand joy, then you
understand drifting from the banks,
your poor tortured hand trailing
a cool design across the surface.
This is your art. Quiet, kind

                --Kristofer Collins

Saturday, February 25, 2017



America don’t do this

America you’re better than that

America stop pretending

America this isn’t reality T.V

America don’t stoop to their level

America this is real

America don’t make me copy Allen Ginsberg poems

Now is not the time.

America remember the good times

Remember Kennedy, Lincoln and FDR

America turn off your radio

The danger is at your door

America remember sweet Lady Liberty

What are you going to tell her?

How could you ever look her in the eye again

If you do this?

America what about your tired, your hungry

Your poor?

What will become of them

With Donald Trump in charge?

America you can’t be serious?

America don’t turn out the lights

America it’s not too late

America look at your withered face

In the mirror

I know you want to be beautiful again

America this isn’t the way

America let’s not fight

If you turn back now we’ll never

mention this again

Though I can’t say I’m gonna be able

to forget it almost happened.

America go to bed now

You’ve had a little too much to drink

I know you’ll feel differently about this

In the morning.


WineDrunk SideWalk: Shippwrecked in TrumpLand, Weekly wrap-up (no longer round up) Week FiVE

Week Five….and while the bombast and all-around ineptitude are still there, the “so-called” president sherbet baby-dick administration seems to be gliding comfortably into the authoritarian mode that all but the most na├»ve of americans expected. As of this writing the motherfucker barred several news sources including CNN, The New York Times, the BBC, and Politico from covering and asking questions at Friday’s press briefing. Welcome to state-run news media…or the petulant acts of a man-child…I really can’t tell which is which these days.

Anyone else getting scared and nervous? And, shit, I expected things to go down like this.

So where to start? Honestly there’s so much in the way of horrendous bullshit I’m going to be providing links A LOT this week.
Let’s start with deportation shall we? “so-called” president sherbet baby-dick and his white nationalist administration released and began enforcing their deportation plan this week, and depending on who you are talking to either it’s business as usual or there have been an uptick in raids and people are hiding on the street. Regardless….things are going to get very very bad for a lot of immigrants, illegal or otherwise, in the coming weeks, months and, god help us, years. Let’s not bullshit ourselves here, things are also going to get a lot harder for People of color, women and transgendered people (more on that) in regards to this and whatever else these neo-nazis come up with next. It’s important to know your rights and to know the facts. For the facts I’ve provided a link HERE and our friends at the ACLU have provided some information on your rights right HERE.

also...donate to the ACLU...if you can.

“so-called” president sherbet baby-dick, when not holding rallies for his idiot minions and informing us all about the dangers of living in Sweden, also found  the time this week to revoke President Obama’s guidelines on Transgender high school students using the bathrooms of their choice. The revoke had been delayed for a few days due to infighting between Attorney General Jeff Session and Education Secretary Betsy Devos over her wavering to agree to the order…or it might’ve been over having to stare at the big boner Session had for getting to give it to Transgender people. More on that HERE.

In other Sessions news…..privately run prisons….we hardly got to say goodbye and here we are tangoing again. That’s right that little summer order of President Obama’s to no longer house federal prisoners in privately run prisons….GONZO.
The Dakota Pipeline project is back up and running as protestors were removed off the land and their encampment razed….long live the oil industry…those greedy fucks.

The CPAC (conservative political action conference…or what I like to call a cleaned-up Klan rally) met this week just south of Washington. Highlights included KellyAnne (we hardly missed you) Conway coming out of hiding, Stephen K. Bannon coming out from under his rock to declare the media the opposition and that the Trump administration main agenda is to be a “deconstruction of the administrative” state, which immediately had Paul Ryan’s and Mitch McConnel’s balls looking for a place to hide.

But the main event was Friday when “so-called” president sherbet baby-dick gave another one of those vile, incoherent, self-congratulating, and rambling speeches that he loves to give. In usual fashion sherbet baby-dick went over the details about his surprising election victory, talked shit on the increasingly popular Obamacare, blasted the media as fake, and generally gave his dim and dark worldview of which only the light shining from his orange-visage will ever bring us out from under the depths.

you can read a full transcript of the asshole's rant right HERE

If I haven’t already….thanks Trump voters, especially you fucking assholes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

And last but not least….Milo. Every pseudo-liberal’s and Bill Maher’s favorite little Christopher Hitchens wannabe. This week video surfaced of Milo extolling to virtues of man/boy love (not his advocating violence against woman, transgendered people and people of color) which, finally, FINALLY, caused an outrage and got the little douche bag to lose his book detail and his job at Der Sturmer (er, Breitbart). So apparently in America in the 21st Century you are allowed to shoot up a classroom full of kids, but we draw the line when you talk about fucking them. That said, Milo most likely won’t be gone for long…..let’s enjoy his absence while we have it.

at least so-called "president" sherbet baby-dick waited until Lindsay Lohan was 18 to talk about fucking here.  although he did do THIS

Things are finally getting ugly out there folks. And even though sherbet baby-dicks' approval rating are at 38%...he's at 80% with Republicans...which means we're most likely stuck with this fuck-face until at least 2018.  It can be hard to maintain vigilance. But keep doing it. Keep making art…and send it to me. Submit2Resist stick around because we have the poetry of Steven Storrie today at 12pm EST and the poetry of Kristofer Collins tomorrow at 12pm EST as well.

Friday, February 24, 2017


national day of patriotic devotion

truth be told
i didn’t even know it was a holiday

i was just hungry
and a protein wrap seemed like the perfect antidote

i had no intention of watching the inauguration
but there it was on a big screen tv in the restaurant

the racist with a bad comb-over
waving his little hands around all of his idiot rhetoric

his oompa-loompa orange-colored skin
bright against the rainy washington background

a scan of the crowd
and it looked as if nobody had showed up for his big day

it seemed a touch coincidental, though
trump yelling about immigration on that hallowed stage
as three mexican dudes below the tv
made lunch for seemingly every old white dude
in my neighborhood

they all looked enraptured those pale geriatrics
like they were watching the super bowl or the lottery

instead of the great white dope on the screen

i tried putting my fingers in my ears
because i’d been told online by an unverifiable news source
that the cadence of trump’s voice
could cause an aneurism in certain
vulnerable members of the species

what was the truth anyway these days?

and i was already working on a mean sinus cold
so i didn’t need anything else screwing me up

still it’s pretty hard to try and order lunch
with your fingers stuck in your ears

the cashier just kept looking at me
like i was some kind of an asshole

so i had no choice but to unplug
and communicate myself as best as i could
over that dark din of that plastic fascist’s voice

i’m sure i made a pained face while she took my order
like i wanted anything in the world
but an aneurism or a protein wrap for lunch

and after i left to pick up wine
i thought of maybe running back into the restaurant
and telling her
no, dear, it wasn’t you it was…

but i’d already survived the ordeal

i wasn’t a risk taker
so a repeat performance was not an option

plus i could hear trump’s voice all up and down the block

no i was getting the hell off the street
getting the fuck out of dodge that gray and ominous afternoon

leaving the spoiled milk of democracy
to the huddled masses outside the pub

i was going home to celebrate this newly founded holiday
as i did all the other ones in america

with the windows shut and the blinds drawn
getting drunk like an alien stuck on a hostile planet

hoping that his ship was coming soon
hoping this too would pass.               

                 --John Grochalski

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Big Hair, Small Man

He walks to the podium
with a boneless swagger
and a grimace of dirt.
From his mouth come the parasites
he rallies against.
They pour down like an oil spill
to feast on torn jeans
and microwave dinners.
Every word is just a synonym for disdain
and the cameras lick it up
as if they were starving for fire.
Through his eyes, the audience of cellulite
looks just like barcodes
so he finishes
His next failed reality show
to buy them all
not with money
But with Orwellian fame
so he can skin them all
to hide
his menstrual baptism.

        --Robert JW

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


They say it's a difficult decision whether or not to have children,
But I look at the news and see the complete destruction of...

racial equality
gun control
worker's rights
women's rights
LGBQT rights
the very planet itself

...and I think that the decision to not have children
is the easiest decision I've ever made in my life.