Sunday, March 26, 2017


the boy who thinks he is king

the lost eyes of
the child that
has grown old

mommy never
loved him

daddy was
never proud

even military
school couldn't
make a man
out of him

every wrinkle
screams this is
too much for
someone like

now, the whole
world gets to
see what happens
when a fucking
joke goes too

--J.J. Campbell

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Ballad of the Dark Knight   (Put Out The Fire)

The movie theater was your second home
Now that memory is tainted through the smoke
When the Joker creates another Colorado storm

The Dark Knight rises on a Jersey Wave
All his rifles and machine guns thrown away
And Gotham cries for justice
What a bloody plague

Put out the Fire
Put out the Fire
Put out the Fire Before It's Too Late
Put out the Fire 
Put out the Fire 
Put out the Fire Before It's Too Late 

When the memory of a massacre fades away
And the lobbyists fight for the NRA
More victims to be claimed in the good ol’ USA.

How many more victims will it take
For a federal ban to see the light of day
And assault weapons rust in their dirty grave


I’m not sayin’ guns are solely to blame
You can hate me for my politics and thats okay 
But I’m just like you when sickness causes so much pain


- Ben Burns

WineDrunk SideWalk: Shipwrecked in TrumpLand week NINE weekly wrap-up

I think this might be the first week that I get to start one of these wrap-ups with some good news…provided you consider the FBI formally investigating the White House for links into Russian interference with a United States Presidential election good news….we’ll take what we can get these days…I guess.

But that’s just what happened on Monday…. FBI directore, James “Hilary Clinton Killer” Comey, testified before the House Intelligence Committee that the FBI was INDEED investigating whether or not members of the DOUCHE campaign colluded with the Russians to help influence the 2016 election.  Comey was joined by the director of everyone’s favorite data storing agency, the NSA’s very own Adm. Michael S. Rogers, who dismissed the claim that everyone from your senile grandmother to your son and/or daughter’s bully already knows…that President Obama DID NOT wiretap DOUCHE’s phones/microwaves/etc at the Dark Tower.

Of course the White House dismissed most of the testimony as “fake news.” It has been a general practice here to NOT include the quotes of a raving lunatic so if you’d like to read what DOUCHE had to rant about I would suggest getting a Twitter account or giving your drunken uncle a call at the local VFW.

….confirmation hearings began for Judge Neil “Fascism Forever” Gorsuch on Capitol Hill this week in probably one of the more partisan opening sessions ever with Democrats complaining about the way the GOP treated Obama and his pick Merrick Garland, and the GOP reminding the Democrats that cheating, lying, obstruction and an overall inability to lead a nation can ONLY come from their side of the room. Gorsuch, for his part, read an opening speech where he basically gave a Tom Joad whitewash to his life/career…fly fishing anyone? The rest of this week has been pretty much softball questions from the Trump/Ryan terrorist faction of the government and the same, spineless Democrats we’ve known and loved for years….except for this guy...

….he really gave it to Gorsuch.

Look…we can go through four days of this bullshit…but let’s be honest. Unless it comes out that Gorsuch eats babies…he’s going to be confirmed by either the needed 60 votes (let us not forget how spineless the Democratic Party is) or the GOP will just change the rules to a simple majority vote…I mean this is a party staying numb on the fucking president playing footsie with Vladimir Putin so….

…a terrorist attack…in London…on the anniversary of the terrorist attack in Brussels…you don’t say…that’s right, for those of you sleeping under a rock on Wednesday afternoon (sissy European time that is, not big and tough morning AmeriKKKan time), a knife-wielding (the NY TMES word…I would NEVER use wielding) nutbag driving an SUV mowed down pedestrians along the Westminster Bridge, and stabbed a cop to death around the Parliament section of London, before being shot himself…and here I was thinking MY work days were boring. All kidding aside at least four people died and forty were injured in what is being called a terrorist attack, and the first in London since July of 2005. For those of you itching to change your Facebook photo to the Union Jack keep in mind that 50 people died last week in two separate bombings in the city of Damascus. Here’s a link to Syrian Flags. For his part DOUCHE tried to quell the fears of Americans worried about this sort of attack happening here by saying, and I quote: HA! HA! Told You So! London had gotten so bad! SAD!...actually did he even say anything at all?  I think he left it to DOUCHE Jr. to keep the family’s good name afloat.

Also…try this ONE on for size.

On Thursday the GOP failed at its first attempt to get a vote scheduled for a replacement/repeal of the Affordable Care Act, or as DOUCHE supporters like to call Obamacare…that is until they realize both are one in the same and that once America’s favorite Domestic Terrorist Party DOES replace/repeal they will be fucked…apparently the GOP couldn’t get the votes over an inter-party arguments over how many millions of Americans they could fuck even more. The ironically named Freedom Caucus met with DOUCHE on Thursday demanding that the federal health insurance requirements for basic benefits (maternity care, emergency services etc.) be cut from the bill…and rumor has it these freedom loving members of the GOP would also like to see the rule on pre-existing care removed as well. DOUCHE, for his part, after the vote was cancelled, threatened House GOPers by saying they either pass the bill or remain stuck with Obamacare….yet it looks like the House will still fall shy of the votes.

Is anybody surprised by this? The Republican Party hasn’t been able to effectively govern (if you want to call GOP style governing governance at all) since September 11, 2001. And having been the party of NO for eight years of President Obama’s term, they’ve simply lost whatever governing embers had remained. The GOP is a party of corporately owned petulant children who get hard every time they think about fucking over women and minorities. I’m not talking about fucking Goldman Sach’s speeches here, but actually feeling the ghostly spirit of corporate lobbyists from the past every single time one of these navy-suited, bullshit flag pin wearing racists speak….and as for Paul Ryan….if ever there was a mendacious, anti-intellectual, ineffective, spineless, craven little twerp in Congress currently worse than him…I have yet to see it. People call Paul Ryan a policy wonk….Paul Ryan couldn’t pass gas in a farting contest. Just in case you don't hate him enough....

Ladies and gentlemen and all others…I present the inevitable
Since the sun has a better chance of burning out before the GOP cares about anything other than its own corporate interests….my bet is that they are going to do something to make them look like they can govern…something warm and cozy…like giving tax breaks to the rich…and not the poor.
All the same another banner week in America as we witness the end of democracy as we know it. You can still SUBMIT2RESIST here at
Stick around today at 12pm we have the musical stylings of Ben Burn and tomorrow at 12pm the poetry of J.J. Campbell.

Friday, March 24, 2017


steak and ketchup

good christ
don’t worry what the president
puts on his steak
worry about the women that he’s assaulted
worry about the black men that will die
worry about your muslim neighbor
trying to get home from work
worry about nuclear codes in the hands
of an orange-faced petulant child
with baby-dick syndrome
worry about putin and computer hacks
worry about the head of the EPA denying climate change
worry about backroom deals
using the nation for huuuuuuuuuuuuuugge golf courses
and high-rise apartments in taiwan
worry about your health care
worry about your public schools
worry about pollution
worry about the great lakes filling up with sludge
worry about authoritarianism
give our crumbling infrastructure a go
worry about what over four hundred years
of the patriarchy can do to someone’s psyche
worry about toxic masculinity instead
worry that the attorney general is a racist
worry about a neo-nazi lurking around the white house
worry about the right to choose
worry about families fleeing from gangs
in el salvador, honduras and guatemala
say a prayer for the NEA and the NEH
but for christ’s sake
stop worrying about what the president
puts on his steak
be it ketchup or unicorn blood
worry about who he’s coming after next
it might just be

--John Grochalski

Thursday, March 23, 2017


They say the sales have gone up
in just the first five days
of this presidency,
that the use of
alternative facts
are the new
the new
in our new
Orwell could be a best seller once again.
I hope after that,
the populace
will move on to
It Can’t Happen Here
The Plot Against America
or the Man in the High Castle
because let’s be honest,
Roth and Dick have already had their day in the sun
and if America has decided
to read again
instead of watching
reality TV
instead of staring at their phones
and the asses
of beautiful women
if they’ve decided to educate
themselves about why
reality TV has begot a reality president
I think they should start with a challenge.
Or start with the People’s History of the United States
and see that we were never what we told ourselves we were
that the poor have been pushing back from day one
only to land under the boot of a cooperation.
Besides it’s only the first few days
in this new regime
so we’ve got plenty of time
to build a solid
reading list. 
---Ally Malinenko

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The next phase
I sit back and watch as the unreal becomes real
horrors become usual
and outrage begins to fade.
Responsibility is not a negative,
a dirty word
to be avoided.
I am both here and not here.
Grief makes it more real
and less,
I don’t know
what comes next.
The moon was full last night
as we stepped out into the cold
this will be our last
time seeing the moon
over this particular field and hills.
I mourn it
but I am ready
to move to the
next phase.
Reuse could be the battle cry
for this generation
and the next
I am confident
that overall we are
getting smarter,
we must be
I tell myself
as I watch two boys
at preschool chase each other
around with a plastic saw.
The teacher calls after them,
“it’s not a weapon,
it’s for building things.”
They continue on in their game.
It stops raining finally
after 11 days of non-stop
water dropping from the sky
and for a moment
everyone’s mood is lightened.
--Susie Sweetland Garay

Tuesday, March 21, 2017



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