Tuesday, September 19, 2017



most people
call it news

the few of us
with a brain

i really
wonder if
the american
people truly
the concept
of tearing
down to
the ground

the soul


--J.J. Campbell

Monday, September 18, 2017


Super Volcano

I hold my hand out
and feel the heat
radiating from the Earth.
The water boils.
The pot gurgles.
The water looks mean.
The lid claps.
The people clap.
The people cheer.
It’s all very exciting.
Their faces contort —
What’s with their eyes?
Why do they look
hypnotized? Why
do they cheer death?
They’re mostly old.
Not all of them, though.
Why does name-calling
make them giddy?
Shouldn’t they know better?
Why does the promise
of violence move them
like a kiss? Have their
lives been this terrible?
Stop complaining,
snowflake, says
the guy at work.
He just bought
a gun and
5,000 bullets
“just in case.”
He’s made a list.
You are on it.
There’s room
for everyone. He
stomps his feet.
The ground rumbles
like a belly.

--Bob Pajich

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Secret Service

the Orange Menace
has used up his
8 year budget for
the Secret Service
although he will
only last two

the Secret Service
has had to cut back
on their services

they have cut back
90% on staff and
hired high school

for every female
intern they have
two boys watching
to keep off the
predators, well
the one predator

they can’t give the
interns weapons
so they gave them
bullet proof vests
and told them to
surround the big Orange
and to jump if
they hear gunfire
which they won’t do
because they ain’t
getting paid

they've taken to
using hand signals
which gets a bit
confusing when bees
come buzzing around
their faces

the big Orange
(his Secret Service
code name)
thinks the teens
are just fans
and doesn’t notice
that there are less
agents around

he also hasn’t
noticed that he
is now travelling
in a ‘68 VW Thing
followed by the
teens on stingrays

the agents that are
left have all started
office pools on
when he will be
taken down, time of day,
weapon, and whether
it will be his
White House staff
or one of the many
that he has fired

they all can’t wait
for when they will
be protecting
President Pence...

oh my, well
maybe not

--Thomas R. Thomas

Saturday, September 16, 2017


orange ash sky

we eat
german currywurst
under the orange ash sky in seattle
as the woman who served us
says her family home in utah
may burn to the ground
forty-five years her parents have been there
to maybe go up like a pack of matchsticks
we nod in sympathy
ingest currywurst and soot
as the pacific northwest burns
in fiery splendor
as the desert rages in brushfires and heat
as california suffocates
as hurricane flood waters drown
texas and florida
we look up into the orange ash haze
at the blood red sun almost hidden
at mountain ranges lost in the smog
at people taking pictures of this madness
we eat the food with storm surges
licking the tip of our tongues
twenty dead here
another thirty-five gone over there
while young asian girls in baby-doll dresses
walk by us wearing surgical masks
like a pack of tarted-up doctors
off to stand in line outside of starbucks
for rainbow sherbet frappuccinos
sucked down cold during these end times
we clean curry ketchup
off of our fingers
daydream berlin
eat a last salty and greasy fry
drink that precious bottled water
breathe in the smoke and grime into our tar-covered lungs
as the woman from utah tells someone else
to bear with her
bear with me, she says
looking up at the orange ash sky
because i just haven’t been right, honey
not right at all

--John Grochalski

WineDrunk SideWalk: ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week THIRTY FOUR wrap up

First....thank you to Jason Baldinger for stepping in and doing the week THIRTY THREE duties...Jason and I had a chance to see each other in NYC over the last weekend, and both sort of admitted that doing these weekly wrap-ups leaves your mind and soul akin to someone battling harsh DT's by the end of the week....still...we march on.

As of this writing at least 26 people in the U.S. are dead as a result of Hurricane Irma and there are 27 reported deaths in the Caribbean; there's food violence in the Caribbean; the Keys are in shambles....hell...man Disney is even closed ...still....according to walking skeleton, Ann Coulter, the Hurricane amounted to nothing but boredom. Well, Ann, I'm sorry that 50+ deaths are not enough to satisfy you...maybe next time lay on the beach as the hurricane winds pick up and finger-fuck yourself while thinking about Trump's baby-dick...just a suggestion...or, you know, donate and help you fucking devil.

Speaking of Devil's.....Steve Bannon emerged from his D.C. hovel to sit down for an interview with 60 Minutes...boy, Bannon is so full of his own shit he probably can't tell the difference between the smell of his breath and that of his asshole. Still, some of the highlights: Bannon accused the GOP and its leadership of trying to nullify DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER'S election win by not jumping aboard his so-called "populist train and embracing all of DOUCHE's ludicrous ideas. He called the Comey firing a big mistake; he's at war with the GOP; once DOUCHE builds his wall he'll win the 2020 election in a landslide....blah blah blah...that kind of bullshit.  If you really want to watch this moron talk his sorry ass game, you can do so HERE ...but be warned...i lost IQ points doing so.

Look...ordinarily i'd LOVE to see someone go to war against the GOP....shitheads like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have been ASKING for it.....but a neo-nazi, white supremacist? I'd rather read Charles Blow.  Still...i'd love for Bannon to be right about one thing....i'd love to see a Civil War in the GOP.. ..i'd love to see that whole, stinking, rotting, Domestic Terrorist party fall to its fucking knees and be done.....let's make America great again by having actual fucking adults run the country.

And maybe we'll get it.... DOUCHE, finding no way to stretch those world "famous" negotiating legs with his own crooked party, reached across the continental divide to cut a few deals with the Democrats this week. First DOUCHE agreed to a budget/debt ceiling extension in a deal done with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, which included hurricane relief money. Second, this brand new dream team of DOUCHE/Schumer/Pelosi have apparently agreed on a deal to turn DACA into law all the while strengthening our border by putting duct tape or whatever along that already existing fence so that DOUCHE and his supporters can keep yapping about a wall at his next Nazi rally.


FIRST.......if I'm Chuck Schumer and/or Nancy Pelosi....why am i making any FUCKING DEAL with this racist nazi shit-wad? Look, I'm not fan of stagnant government and i really wish the DACA executive order stayed but Trump has never been welcomed by the GOP, they've resisted him in that spineless GOP way the whole time, he's been essentially marginalized and made a lame duck before his first year is out....and then you democratic fucks go and legitimize him to an extent?  And i don't care about your motives....maybe it looks good to have the grand wizard brought to his knees making deals, maybe you honestly believe that working with this rapist is what's best for the country and for the so-called Dreamers....maybe you got drunk, Chuck and Nancy, and Trump looked good under a certain light....all the same...i'm not buying it. You lied down with a racist, rapist, xenophobic dog twice this week...this shit will come back and bite you both in your geriatric asses.


Anyone seen those pictures of DOUCHE down in Florida wearing his Wal-Mart USA hat and white gloves and pretending to be the common man.....pretty scary stuff. The poor orange bastard looked like he was confused and trying to figure out where the nearest golf course was.....like....me Trump...why me in Florida and no play golf??? I mean, seriously.....look at this asshole:

What a motley crew of D-bags we have. We got POTUS46 who can't stand near women because he's scared of them, but has obviously been practicing his super hero pose. Of course there's DOUCHE making DOUCHE faces because he can't control himself. We've got trophy wife #3 who looks more uncomfortable in casual wear each time we see her....i can only imagine the conversations....Melanoma probably wishes for hurricane season to end more than people living in the gulf....but i digress....then we've got random woman, whom I'm assuming is there to keep Pence nervous....and is that......is that Rick Scott?? The old climate changing Governor himself? Nothing says getting shit done like this picture....USA! USA! USA!

Of course DOUCHE did find the time in Florida to further entrench himself in his racist rhetoric by once again comparing Antifa folks with Neo-Nazis. I'm curious how far the coffee was spit out of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's mouths when they heard that one.

*I have no clue why Ted Cruz and Porn have been linked this week as I didn't bother to look into it. That said any mention of Ted Cruz and porn in the same sentence does nothing but give porn a bad name*

...actually want to give yourself shutters? Think back to last spring when we were honestly debating whether or not Ted Cruz would be a better choice over DOUCHE for the GOP nominee....seriously...like how would you like your poison sir? fucking america....you've had it wrong since 1776.

Speaking of getting it wrong...Hillary Clinton was back in the news this week. On Tuesday her memoir of the 2016 campaign, What Happened? was released to fanfare and controversy and was potent enough to get this ASSHOLE thrown into jail. I haven't been reading much about the book because I want to keep it a surprise and not ruin the ending for myself, but I've heard that DOUCHE is none too pleased, and that the other side of his snake oil salesman con artist coin, Bernie Sanders is none too pleased....sounds liked good reading to me.

but...you know...emails, baby.....emails......

You know...i voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary....actually that's untrue. I attempted to vote for Bernie Sanders but i wasn't fully registered yet as a Democrat so my vote didn't count....that said, i regret the decision. I can accuse Trump voters all i want about being taken in by bullshit and lies and empty promises...but for a while I was taken in the very same way. Bernie Sanders, and subsequently the sycophant-zealots who helped divide the democratic party  and get Donald Trump elected, are no better than those fat, lazy, inbred swine who attend DOUCHE rallies and chant shit like "lock her up!" They didn't want to do what was right for the country. Sanders supporters like the rest of us saw the dangers in a Trump White House and still acted like precious little snowflakes whose vote was a virginal gift at the altar....seeing these people online....they've since doubled-down. You Democrats think 2018 and 2020 is your year? Talk to Sanders supporter. Go get a moca-choca-latte with a Bernie bro and see how far we have yet to go.

To be honest....i think the thing that irks me most about Trump/Sanders zealots is their desire to be led. America has too many people willing to be led and too few honest leaders. Maybe I'm the defect. But I've never had a favorite boss, teacher etc......and I've never been a particular fan of voting for politicians. I've been around since Nixon. I came of age during Reagan. The only president that I can honestly say that I liked was Obama. I don't believe I'll see another descent U.S. president in my lifetime.  But I did get to see this.....


When he wasn't dodging his duties of office by making a call of condolence to the president of MEXICO or tweeting away terrorism in LONDON by calling out Scotland Yard and calling terrorists losers, or even basking in the glow of disenfranchising the dreams of hundreds of thousands of hopeful would-be productive one-day citizens, DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER, on Friday, proved to be loyal to that race of his own. That's right, little Johnny Appleseed out of Whitebread, Virginia, got to fulfill a lifelong dream of mowing the White House lawn as the Grand Wizard himself looked on.....how nice....it's so hard for white males to find work in America these days.

                                          (Well.....Hitler was allowed to have his youth)

It was reported this week that Jeffy "the racist" Sessions was humiliated by being berated and called names by an angry DOUCHE, and offered up his resignation as Attorney General. Yeah, I'm with you on this one Jeffy (a bit of a self plug for my novel Wine Clerk here as I've also been subject to this kind of crap by small men....if you want to review the book I'd happily send you a copy for free). You might be a racist piece of shit, Jeffy, but i'd be humiliated too if a small-pricked, nazi philistine like Donald Trump called me names. But consider yourself lucky, Jeffy...you're a man. And we all know what Mr. Wife-rapist, sexual assaulting, "grab 'em by the pussy" Donald Trump does to women when he gets them alone behind closed doors.

That's it for me.....lots of shit I missed....like that little bitch in North Korea shooting off his missiles or what a punch of fucking cowards the folks at Harvard are for bowing down to plastic patriots like Mike Pompeo. We LOVE you here at WineDrunk Chelsea.

Anyway....stick around. Since no one reads this shit on the weekend you got me at 10:30. Tomorrow is the always awesome Thomas R. Thomas at the same time tomorrow.

I need poems and art and fiction. We were flush for a while now but the river is running dry. If you like what we're doing here....send art. send poems. send writing. send rants. Tell your friends. Hell...tell your enemies and ex-lovers.

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Friday, September 15, 2017


A Few Scots Insult Donald Trump

You tit.
You spoon.
You moron.
You numpty.
You utter fool.
Oi, buttplug face.
You ignorant fuckmuppet.
You polyester cockwomble.
Ya hamster heedit bampot.
you hoofwanking bunglecunt.
You mangled apricot hellbeast.
You witless fucking cocksplat!
You weaselheaded fucknugget.
You cock juggling thundercunt!
You incompressible jizztrumpet.
You leather faced, shit-tobogganist.
You tiny fingered, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon.

 - Steven B. Smith

Thursday, September 14, 2017


The Upset
—November 08, 2016

October’s variegation
   pollsters’ predictions
all these leaves lost to the wind
   election results

the howl of the wind
as the rain begins
   her concession

a stiff wind shakes
leafless branches
   the chill sets in
storm front blows in,
flips the flag upside down
   how appropriate
-- Dianne Borsenik

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


"1-Carrot Diamond Ring"

So this Canadian woman's ring was lost
and 13 years later her daughter-in-law
was harvesting carrots

and there it was,
a cinch at the waist
of an orange root.

The article reporting this
linked to another instance
of it happening halfway
across the world in Sweden

and I can't help but think
that carrots know a secret,
down in the dirt,
a secret having to do
with time and kindness -

those fractal green tops
coiling knowledge about
back around themselves,
half-hidden from the sun,

until they give themselves up
to impart it to our bodies,

if only we would heed
the message.

--Kerrilee Hunter

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


bleeding heart

a night of horror
for every bleeding

apparently eight
years was enough
of this experiment

but it did solve
every racial divide
we've ever had

america can now
sleep once again
in its old white

--J.J. Campbell

Monday, September 11, 2017


American Revenge

It happens every year like clockwork
the comments about how it seems impossible
that yet another year has passed
and yet
here we are.

I wonder how long it will take some people to realize
that anniversaries keep coming.
It’s what they do.

And everywhere you go,
there they are,
two shining buildings
lit up against a skyline
I can barely remember at this point 

or worse
the explosion
the fire
the collapse

the seconds of death that stretched into decades of death.

I wonder about those people,
the ones that hate my city
hate the gay pride parade
hate the Puerto Rican pride parade
Or j’ouvert
hate the Black Lives Matter marches
or the Refuse Fascism gatherings
hate everything this city stands for
on all the days except today.

How today feels like it belongs to them
like it is not a day of reflection and mourning
like it is not a moment to think about the lives
that have been shattered
but instead
it feels clawing, hysterical,
their white fingers gripping
fiercely waving that flag
not with  pride
but with retaliation.

The way today feels like
just another opportunity for
American revenge.

--Ally Malinenko 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017



jerry says
why don’t you like trump
he says,
trump is a tough guy and good for america
it’s all that orange, i tell him
orange face
orange hands
jerry says,
hey, do you at least like giuliani?
boy…he really cleaned new york up back then
jerry wants
my twentysomething co-worker
to look up mail order brides for him
yesterday it was the view-master today it’s mail order brides
jerry says,
hey…do they even do mail order brides anymore?
he asks me
if i ever go to the junk stores in manhattan
to buy cheap garbage bags
and cheap lightbulbs
they have everything there,
jerry says
you can even get christmas ornaments
in the middle of july
my co-worker tells me that she doesn’t want
to look up mail order brides
for jerry anymore
she says the web sites have pictures
of scantily clad women on them
my co-workers says it’s not in her job description
to look up mail order brides for anyone
not even jerry
she’s probably right
but i’ve given up on trying to get him
to learn how to use a computer
that’s how they get you,
jerry says
the aliens
the ufos
the government
that’s why i like trump, jerry says
he’s not tangled up
in any of that business
he’s a tough guy
a throwback
he’s married to beautiful women
and would never need a mail order bride
hey, jerry says to me
you even bought a watch
off of one of those guys
in times square?

--John Grochalski

WineDrunk SideWalk: ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week THIRTY THREE wrap up

It’s Labor Day week in an America that is consistently on the wrong side of history. Sure, I could go on a rant about how capitalism should have died when the industrial Revolution ended but I won’t. I will remind you that America is still mired in some alternate reality when it comes to the status of its workers. Our minimum wage, and wages across the board are stagnant with no raise for minimum wage workers since the late nineties. And yes with exchange rates maybe our wages are middle of the pack but they’re still pitiful, they’re even more pitiful when you consider that we are one of few first world nations that doesn’t offer Universal Healthcare or for that fact free tuition for college. We also are still arguing over our own terrible health care system when progressive countries are looking at concepts such as Universal Basic Income. Finally, it should be obvious we are on the wrong side of history as we look to our Twitterbot blunder in chief, who like the last republican to win the presidency probably stole the election, although this one with the help of the Russians, but really I don’t want to go down that endless rabbit hole.
I hope you found the holiday relaxing because the rest of the week surely wasn’t. Before we talk about our blunderer in chief though, I’d like to take a minute to talk about the history of Labor Day. I do this because history should be used to teach us so we don’t make the same mistakes as previous generations. I promise to keep it short, and recommend you check out James Green’s book Death in Haymarket.
            There were rumblings for a national day of labor in the US as early as 1882 when May first became a day for mass strikes in support of a reduction in hours without a reduction in pay. This was the start of the fight for an eight hour day, a fight that wasn’t won until 1940. The first real catalyst started on May first 1886 when workers rallies coincided with a strike in Chicago at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company. A Lockout, Pinkertons and strikebreakers add up over a few days into the murder, by police, of two striking workers.
            The next day in Haymarket Square as the Anarchist Samuel Felden was completing a speech, police arrived. Accounts vary in the confusion that follows, but a homemade bomb was thrown, police open fire and within five minutes twelve persons were dead (7 police killed, 4 civilians. 70 wounded officers, no tally of the civilian wounded).
            The inevitable red scare followed and seven Anarchists were tried as accessories to murder and all seven are found guilty of conspiracy (no bomber was ever convicted). Of those seven men, four were hung, one committed suicide under auspicious circumstances and three were later pardoned. When four people, who happen to be anarchists, are hung for conspiracy, it’s a fair bet that they were railroaded by this justice system. Yes, there were widespread protests surrounding these executions, but with that justice system being on the wrong side of history, the executions were carried out anyway.
            In the aftermath the AFL, then led by Samuel Gompers, proposed an international day of labor to fall on May Day in solidarity with the Strike at Haymarket. However it wouldn’t become a national holiday until 1894 when Grover Cleveland in the aftermath of the Pullman Strike. The Pullman strike would cost thirty civilians their lives after US Troops fired into a crowd of strikers. Even then Cleveland, didn’t want any association with the Haymarket Riot so the date of September first was chosen instead.
            There is a history of labor as succinctly as possible. Again, I hope you enjoyed the holiday but hopefully you took a minute somewhere in the to consider the legacy of labor unions and the injustice that has been perpetually inflicted on the working class by the owner class (we never talk about class in this country now do we?) in the name of capilatism and the almighty dollar.
            Speaking of being on the wrong side of history…
            On Tuesday Cracker Jeff Session announced that the Federal Government would allow DACA to expire. Cracker Jeff used some typical draconian law and order language about how you can’t allow people to break laws, even immigration laws, there are punishments for these things. In classic good cop/ bad cop our tangerine in chief tweeted how much he loves the “dreamers” and then told congress to get work on a bill to make DACA a law.
            DACA is by no means a perfect solution to our immigration “problem.” The republicans problem with it is that congress didn’t pass it, that it was put through as an executive order by former President Obama. It turns out the party that supported Muslim bans one through three, all signed by executive order, doesn’t like it when the other team has used the same executive order to get something done that congress is unwilling to do. It also doesn’t help that various republican Attorney Generals sued the federal government over DACA. The funny thing about those various attorney generals is that excepting Texas each of these states have well under 1% of their population affected by DACA.
            The DACA story continues with Nancy Pelosi getting Drumpf to tweet that they won’t enforce deportations for six months. In answer fifteen states are suing Drumpf over DACA, and Chicago has banned him from the city. My brain really can’t comprehend at this point how dysfunctional this “democracy” has become.
            Furthering dysfunctional democracy the Democrats made a deal with Drumpf to raise the debt ceiling, this also gives fifteen billion for relief for Hurricane Harvey. Republicans we’re thrown under the bus, and a golden age of bipartisanship was apparently born.
            I can’t see that really happening. If the Democrats strategy coming into midterm elections is to side with Drumpf then the midterms may get uglier and more juvenile than last year’s election cycle.  Isn’t that what we need right now?
            The Drumpf administration continued to ignore climate change this week. The biggest storm to ever form in the Atlantic has formed and is on course to hit Florida as your read this. The shit thing here is Drumpf is excited were having a big storm while failing to see that this is two superstorms in just a few weeks, there’s two more storms on the way (by the way there’s never been three recorded hurricanes formed near simultaneously). This may be the time to stop playing politics with the environment and acknowledge it’s time to start doing something about it. Perhaps instead of proposing tax cuts for the wealthy, we could say tax the rich and use that money to update infrastructure, or start figuring out if that infrastructure should be moved further inland.
            On Thursday Betsy Devos announced the administrations intent to review Title IX which make it harder for colleges to downplay sexual assaults on campus (among other things). In typical fashion with this administration the goal here is deregulation, but the after affects is less protection for victims of sexual assault. There is a moment where I feel like we should be at a point where we just believe victims instead of shaming them, but of course that’s not the case. In this case, perhaps in most cases with this administration, they open their mouths and a discussion starts, but that discussion doesn’t involve the government, it involves the people living under a government that has stopped serving the interests of its people. I’m hard pressed to figure if this is a good or a bad thing, and I can’t tell from where I’m sitting if it’s fracturing that country into even smaller groups and segments (it certainly looks as such). I can only say that hopefully with those discussions getting started can start to move this country into a more tolerant, vibrant inclusive society for everyone. I know it won’t happen under this administration, but the next if America survives that long.
            There’s more, so much more bullshit we could talk about like Rush Limbaugh claiming hurricanes are fake news, or Alex Jones or facebook and Russian troll farms, or North Korea or solar flares or earthquakes. We’re all mad as hatters waiting on our own mass extinction. Be safe, the future is sooner than you think.

jason baldinger

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Friday, September 8, 2017



This right here, sir
is why I don’t take a seat on the trains
not because I’m not tired
because I am
and not because my feet don’t hurt
because they do
but because every time I do
take a seat on the train
an elderly person gets on
like what happened today
so I get up
and touch her elbow
and say,
Do you want to sit down?
and then you, sir,
appear out of nowhere
and have already slipped
into the seat
that I was offering
so I say
Sir, that was,
that seat was for
but you don’t move
for a beat
until the woman next to you
Oh she can sit here
and then
you, sir
are embarrassed
and get up
and pass me

Fucking Jewish Bitch

and I’m too dumbstruck
to respond
not even with a fuck you
or something far more witty
in fact all I can think
as you disappear into the train crowd
and the old woman
sits down
is that I really regret ever
calling you

--Ally Malinenko

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Lost and Absent Countries

At five am, mind moves awake
more often now, maybe part of getting older
anxiety takes over
other times, like tonight, it’s the only time
to think without noise, excepting tinnitus

I’m lost reflecting on people
that I haven’t thought of, heard from in years
inventories of intersecting lines
time, decades in particular, become glaciers
stolen and absent countries

When I finally do drift
its with Leonard Cohen lyrics
circling in my head
vague recollections of
record store mornings
flea market afternoons

That afternoon a friend texts
his brother has died
I remember an old friend
when his father died
before cell phones, we talked via phone
drank port wine and whiskey
telling our stories of him
and his stories
until my friend was drunk enough
to take his grief with him
then it seemed like comfort
it seems now
we’re left with staccato characters, empty screens
our rugged individualist mythos
drowns itself isolated
missing only some real connection

--Jason Baldinger

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Grayson Kentucky

I couldn’t figure out what all the goddamn honking was about
at the last intersection in town
twenty young white men
in powder blue suits
with the wet look
crowd the corners with signs
it looks like Don Drapers first fucking holy communion

At the light I make eye contact with one
He smiles, nods his head
slowly up and down
as if the slower he nods
        the wider he smiles
it’ll cause my hand to climax into car horn
to give him the support he craves

I frown
shake my head slow no
maybe I should blow him a kiss

I abandon the brain washed
I leave bigots behind
I can do exactly what I want
         ignore this and drive away

--Jason Baldinger

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Ghost Train Blues

chase mourning doves off rumble strips
cross the Little Miami
the taste of rain in Warren County

wetland jungles
count mayapples
count wild strawberries
blessed be mosquito’s

Adena burial mounds
2600 years sacred sleep
buffalo soldiers

a stop sign on
a cattle guard
a refuse pile

Jesus is the son of God
who the fuck
are you trying
to convince?

a woman seated
stretched across
two plastic chairs
the parking lot
of the Cordele Motel

a proud heritage
in agriculture

four kids
ride two paint ponies
one with a broken wrist
strip mall Mexican restaurant

Taco Bell sign
lords over a
knee high wheat field

carnival rides
sleep in storage

shell of
a 40 Plymouth
on a trailer bed

hammer down
leap frog cars
from the passing lane
flicker of telephone poles
race the ghost train

--Jason Baldinger

Monday, September 4, 2017



I found the new
American metaphor

In a steakhouse
used to be a library
a few books left
for decor

a stereo sits
crooked on milk crate

wait staff
outnumbers patrons
haven't seen
the bartender
In 20 minutes

outside there used to be
oil and aircraft
at least there’s still lighters

outside there used to be

I feel like John Wayne
over budget, overfed
high on red meat
naked without a pistol

on a road everyone forgot

--Jason Baldinger

Sunday, September 3, 2017


Maybe a Mantra

It doesn’t look like August
the green in the cemetery
still not singed by summer heat
the rains keep coming
it leaves everything lush
it doesn’t really get hot here anymore
it doesn’t really get cold here anymore

the bank is closed
on Butler street I almost
get t-boned by someone not
paying attention to traffic

even the refineries look like heaven
the 62cd street bridge, Sharp’s Hill
lose themselves, time is the equivalent
of nothing, time is nostalgia dying

last night we ushered a wake
for a favorite bar, we talked about
how many shows and how many dollar
skunked beers we drank, we are
the age of things that aren’t there anymore
we question our moorings, our anchors

I woke up this morning to news
of hate rallies, I’m disconcerted
You will not replace us

you will not replace us?
there is no permanence to this world
we have only a modicum of control
over the lives we lead, I’m sure that’s
hard for some people to admit, to exert
force to retain some fleeting control
is madness, an unhealthy sense
that we mean more in the eye of the universe

everything we see here will someday be gone
everything we know will someday be gone
everyone, everything will be gone
I find comfort in that personally
for more reasons than a poem
can elucidate

I cross the Allegheny again
follow the s curves up Negley
toward home, I’ve accomplished
nothing this morning, I have White Antelope's
words in my head, maybe a mantra
Nothing lives long, only the earth and mountains

--Jason Baldinger

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Swimming in Texas

they are
swimming for
safety in Texas
and the
death toll
is over 30 people
mothers daughters
fathers carry
children through
waist high water
even the
news is 
only there by skype
so as not to 
get their pants wet
as Johnny Cash
is singing
how highs the water mama

and all
the swamp
they drained in Washington
has flooded
into Texas
floating the
whole state
like a cork on the ocean
or a 
turd in a bowl
and all
the president
can say
is how he can't believe
the turnout
and all
the love
and support
the people show
for him.

--Matt Borczon

Matt Borczon is a writer from Erie, Pa. His books include A Clock of Human Bones from the Yellow chair review press, Battle Lines from Epic Rites Press, Ghost Train from Weasel Press and Sleepless nights and Ghost Soldiers from Grey Boarders Press. He publishes widely in the small press.
Charlottesville Pantoum

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention,
Heather Heyer posts. (Her last post)
The president blows his dog whistle.
“Unite the Right” flyers don’t mention the statue.

Heather Heyer posts her last post.
Counter-protestors bring signs.
“Unite the Right” flyers don’t mention the statue
of General Lee looking down from his horse.

Counter-protestors bring signs.
Nazis bring torches, guns, and shields.
General Lee looks down from his horse
at swastikas and Confederate flags.

The Nazis have torches, guns, and shields,
chant, Blood and soil and Jews will not replace us,
wave swastikas and Confederate flags.
Some very fine people

chant, Blood and soil and Jews will not replace us,
the president says, (No more dog whistles)
Some very fine people.
If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

--Alison Stone

WineDrunk SideWalk: ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week THIRTY TWO wrap up

As of this writing (Tuesday morning, 5:19 AM) there are 10 people dead as a result of the devastation brought by Hurricane (now tropical storm) Harvey....and those are just the people that we know about. In what is being considered one of the worst storms ever in American history, Harvey has dumped in its first four days ALONE over 2 feet of rain in the Houston area, flooding and changing the landscape of neighborhoods. To be honest a shit blog like this can't even began to report on what is going on, especially as much of this is still happening in real time...so i present what the NY TIMES had written about the storm thus far, and will continue with update throughout the week.

So let's focus on what this blog is really about......our man-child president. And what was good old DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER doing hiding away at Camp David as Harvey struck? Yes, he did tweet about what a great job the Texas National Guard was doing, and he made sure to let everyone know that he was wearing his big boy pants and attending cabinet meetings about the Hurricane....but good ol' POTUS 45 also took time out of his busy schedule of fixing and winning things to retweet article about antifa protesters and people defending his craven pardon of Joe Arpaio. What else? While rain was pummeling Texas and causing damage that will take YEARS for the state to recover from, DOUCHE was also tweeting about....his wall...and Mexico paying for his wall....oh, and he bragged about his election victory......and he managed to plug David A. Clarke Jr.'s book....i will admit DOUCHE did throw in some tweets about the Hurricane but they seemed more in line with a 5 year old boy seeing his first giraffe at the zoo....i mean who get excited by a storm bringing about what "some experts are  now calling Harvey a once in 500 years flood!" I mean he actually used an exclamation point......yeah, like remember what Obama was all excited tweeting about that BP spill and walking around the WH with a big boner about it? Me neither.

But not all Trumpian douche baggery has been lost to Hurricane Harvey...on Monday DOUCHE found the time in his busy day of tweeting, reading Joe Arpaio's love letters and planning his next golf outing on the tax payers dime, to reverse another Obama era restriction...this time good ol' DOUCHE is going to allow police departments to once again get their hands on military surplus, thus rescinding a ban on this practice that Obama set in 2015....i don't know about you....but i live in NYC...and at least once a week i'm in a subway station or i'm walking around, and there a cops strolling around with military gear and machine guns (for some reason blonde southern tourists LOVE to take photos with these guys) and, to be honest, i don't feel an safer...in fact, most of the time it makes me feel as if i'm living in a military state...i'd like to see cops in LESS military gear and not more....although i guess there's something to be said for tanks rolling down your street...i'll have to check with Putin or Kim Jong-un on that one.

Speaking of...those two crazy cats are back in the news. Fist, Kim Jong-un and his regime successfully fired a missile over Northern Japan causing the government in Tokyo to warn residents to take cover, and those dudes working the Doomsday Clock to finally throw up their hands and say WTF? On the Putin end, reports are coming out with Trump associates with close ties to Putin arguing with Trump's lawyer back in 2015 that a deal to put a Dark Tower in Moscow might be all the clout DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER would need to become president in 2016...boy, they didn't even need a tower...they just needed fake news aggregates and 60 million philistine, racist American citizens waving their flags to get that job done....USA! USA! USA!

You know i used to think that only white boys who tried to act all Hip-Hop like looked like Douche Bags in baseball caps.....

Wrong Again!  that said the Grand Wizard and Trophy Wife #3 did, in fact, land in Texas to survey the damage from Hurricane Harvey and to take photo opts so that DOUCHE looked presidential and, maybe just maybe, raise his approval ratings....and you know what? I'm not a betting man but all this orange-shithead need do is the bare minimum and say a few cognizant words, form a complete sentence that doesn't seem ENTIRELY boastful and like he single-handedly saved Texas from the hurricane and once again the press will treat Trump like he's finally FINALLY being the president we all knew he could be...until he's back in Washington tomorrow retweeting Nazis and calling Mitch McConnell names again....and how about FLOTUS? the above picture shows her more casual than the tight jeans, fuck-me stilettos she arrived in.....look, i know a lot of people made a big deal about Trophy Wife #3's shoes....but, seriously, don't. i mean why pick on her for something as stupid as that. It might be better to pick on her for staying silent and silently married to a fucking Nazi...you want to pick on Melonomia for anything, pick on her sleeping next to THAT orange piece of excrement every night.

Also....way to turn your visit to Texas into a Trump Rally, you self-serving prick.

As of Tuesday into Wednesday it seems Harvey has shown no signs of slowing down, continuing to drop record-breaking rainfall over Southern Texas, and the storm has doubled down by hitting the coast of Louisiana in places that had already suffered Katrina in 2005. I've read reports of at least 30 confirmed dead now. DOUCHE, on his little fashion visit to Texas, said that he and his administration wanted to do it better...i'm guessing better than Bush.....well, okay asshole...give it go.. I haven't checked my Twitter feed yet (I like to keep as clean as I can for as long as I can), so I don't know if this is true or not but I'm sure the minute DOUCHE heard record-breaking in regards to the rainfall he was ready to tweet away with all those !!!!!!! marks he uses when his baby-dick gets a hard-on.....because everything is HUGE and RECORD-BREAKING under this climate-denying asshole.

oh....and DOUCHE supporters.....Obama wasn't president during Katrina you fucking inbred morons.

While residents in the states of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, many of whom are Trump voters< spent Wednesday into Thursday putting up with all of THIS our global embarrassment of a president was in the red state of Missouri laying the groundwork for a tax plan that will make CEOs harder than they've ever been without the help of Viagra all the while pretty much telling the ever-dwindling middle class to sit on, and those wonderful working class voters (also many of whom are Trump voters) to basically fuck off and die.....a 20% cut in the corporate tax rate? Really? REALLY? You orange-basted 1% motherfucker.

.....and the Tweets played on.....

Tweets like DOUCHE STILL GOING AT COMEY......i mean good christ, you orange menace, as of Friday, there are FORTY SIX people reported dead from Hurricane Harvey....i'd say have you no decency....but we all already know that you don't, you son-of-a-bitch.

And for the record, FBI, right-wing, Trump nuts....stop comparing Antifa to those Nazis from Charlottesville.....i understand you all need an enemy, a bad guy, but Antifa mean Anti-FASCIST something we all should be....even you Mr. Trump.  But for you ignorant pig fuckers who still don't get it....a primer:

ISIS = Terrorists
Al-Queda = Terrorists
Nazis = Terrorist
GOP = Terrorist

you're welcome.

a couple, final developing things in another tragic week in America:

1. Mueller apparently has the original letter that DOUCHE and his sycophant little bitch Stephen Miller wrote to Comey in regards to his firing....that should prove for interesting reading

2.  Reports are out there that election hacking was way more widespread than imagined....my homies over at the NY Times reported THIS ....honestly, at this point, if that shit-head racist resigns we should DEMAND a new election and not like that weak, little i can't be in a room with a single woman i spread HIV in my own state, piss ant, Mike Pence, anywhere NEAR the presidency....i say do over.

well...that's it for me. I'm off the radar next week.....gonna try something different. Today at 10:30 AM we have two for the price of one...i kid, but two timely poems by poets that I'm personally a big fan of ( not that i dont love all you folks who have been awesome and contributed...except John Grochalski...i usually don't bother when his shit is on here) Matt Borzcon and Alison Stone....but tomorrow at 10:30 AM we have our first WineDrunk SideWalk: ShipWrecked in TrumpLand spotlight.....major contributor Jason Baldinger is going to get five days to show you why he's the hardest working man in poetry...and the great JB will also be handling the duties of the week THIRTY THREE wrap-up.

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Friday, September 1, 2017


King Shitheel

Fuck off hemorrhoid
fuck off toilet
fuck off water in the toilet
fuck off blood like crater
fuck off the brain right then
fuck off cold front
and a neck that cracks like
teeth fuck off the leaves dying
fuck off the rain falling
fuck off the weather
so boring fuck off patrolling gun
nuts and fuck off breast
lumps and fuck off Donald
Trump and and fuck off Donald
Trump and fuck off Donald
Trump and fuck off Donald
Trump and fuck off Donald
Trump and fuck off Donald
Trump and fuck off Donald
Trump and fuck off Donald
Trump and fuck off Donald
Trump and fuck off Donald
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Trump and fuck off Donald
Trump and fuck off Donald
Trump and fuck me Donald
Trump and fuck me Donald
Trump and fuck me Donald
Trump and fuck me Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trumpt and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck y ou Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
TRMP and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump aND FUCK YOU Donald
Trump AND FUCK YOU Donald
Trump AND FUCK YOU Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald
Trump and fuck you Donald

--Bob Pajich

Thursday, August 31, 2017


How Are You Not Free

This is what he asks me.
He wants a lesson
and he wants it for free

so today I’ll do the heavy lifting
I’ll stop again and talk about
death and health care
about reproductive rights
about a girl
who carried
her mattress around
an Ivy League school
just so someone
would believe her.

But it’s all white noise to him.
I don’t see it, he says.
I wave over here,
at the Black girl thrown to the
floor by the police, his knee on her
twelve year old neck
at the trans woman being humiliated
into the noose.
At the victim grilled on what she wore
what she drank
what she did wrong.

At the pitiful six month jail sentence.
The one that didn’t want to ruin the potential
of the young man but didn’t care
about the ruined woman.

I don’t see it, he says, shrugging.
I just don’t see it, he says.
Show me again.

Over here, I say,
the healthcare that saves lives
being stripped down for parts,
the legislation of the body
beaten raped groped touched
without consent, humiliated


Please listen, I say
just listen to what I’m saying.
Over here,
at the women paid less
docked for caring for her sick child
harassed by her supervisor

Or over here,
the woman who has to take the harassment
without flinching just to prove she’s worthy
that’s she just as tough as any guy.

I don’t see it, he says, walking away.
I just don’t get it.
All that fuss for what?
How are you not free, he asks me.

I gaze down at my body
the question hanging there forever
my form the very landscape of my pain.

Look, I say, as he walks away.
Look, there are scars that will never heal.

But he just keeps asking
How are you not free?
How are you not free?

are you not

--Ally Malinenko

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


melania’s shoes

it’s not about the shoes
i couldn’t care less if you
want to wear your fuck-me stilettos
into a hurricane ravaged part of the country
wear them all the way to antarctica
and see how you do
prancing across another broken ice shelf
you mail-order bride
by way of keeping up with the kardashians
no, i only care about how you stand there silently
next to that climate changing
racist moron that you call a husband
that we call the president
how do you sleep at night, melania,
having to hear his cheeseburger, apnea snores
after he’s rolled his big, orange body off of you?
do you ever think about grab ‘em by the pussy?
do the infidelities get stuck in your head huffing in
his steak and ketchup breath
after another twitter love session with the neo-nazis?
or do you just think about buying shoes
leather calf-highs or a comfy pair of slip-ons
roll your eyes and say
that’s just donald being donald
as he bans transgender people from the military
pardons some geriatric bigot
and waxes poetic about killing off DACA
did you feel like a fraud
in that FLOTUS hat, baby?
because you and your husband don’t stand for america
you gold-plated charlatans don’t stand for shit
so keep wearing your shoes, mama
wear them through hurricanes and blizzards
wear them through typhoons and the plague
through the shit waters of that man’s corroded legacy
you’ve already won, melania
at forty-seven you’ve found the golden ticket
because rumor has it
he thinks all women are done
after they hit the ripe old age
of thirty-five
so work it girl
work it for freedom.    

--John Grochalski                                               

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I Dream: America Trumped

Last night I had a dream,
   more like a nightmare.
What I saw was the newly elected president
   rape the American people under a cloudless sunny sky
   surrounded by both supporters and opposers
   doing nothing but staring with mouths gaping wide open
   like waiting for clouds to emerge from the heavens
   and fill their gullets with sweet salinated tears of God.

This misogynistic destructive dream man,
   a singular man I remind you,
   made the the entirety of this country's people 
   his ventriloquist puppet bitch.
He clumsily slid his small childlike hand
   deep into our rectal cavity.
A snicker grew across his face
   as his hand moved bloody innards aside
   and pushed past organs like societal classes;
      blue collar class stomach,
      rich white pancreas,
      working woman kidneys,
      the "hood" born intestinal track,
      past tissue connected by stretched veins and arteries
         like the long I-75, 
                  the classic Route 66, 
                              the massive JFK International, 
                                        they mighty Mississippi.

Don't worry. He will patch up the diaphram
   and make Mexico pay for it.
Then the Americans, just a shell of who they once were,
   grunted and winced in pain as the arm inside him
   came to rest along side single parent vertebrae,
   the backbone of this nation.
With a tug on ligaments and sinew
   called love, hope,strength and willpower,
   he made the country's lips move with ease
   and spoke his voice from their lips.
Modern day magic from a master illusionist.

Afterwards we, the people, take a long hot shower,
   fall into bed, curl up into a fetal position and cry,
   because funding has stopped for morning after centers.
Then the counting begins:
      hours, minutes, seconds
   until Trump would rape us again.

--Craig Firsdon

Monday, August 28, 2017


Fallen Hero Quilts

Each square represents
another life lost in

middle eastern war zone-
eight in the series
shown here in early June

Some panels are hand
sewn, artful, professional,
with pictures, testimonials

from loved ones

Others are hand written
scrolled with mistakes

but the feeling of loss
and emotion is clear

Next year more panels
will be sewn

another quilt

Maybe two

--Alan Catlin

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Supplemental Nights

minor regional poet, the end of town
the dust of modernity clouds over the lights
of a thousand lost art deco bulbs

almost show time, why not
maybe this is better
than burying oneself in a rathskeller
waiting out the new apocalypse

this is a cavern, for only three
so much time to stand still
the projector rolls
shaky white lights turns
to images on the screen
another different apocalypse

it seems all our entertainment
is dystopian now, all our images
are war, man vs man, man vs state
man vs supernatural, man as superhero

its if to say that the world you live in
isn’t that bad, there is worse to offer
there will be worse to come
please rationalize the Orwellian fantasy
you prefer, let it take your mind off
this current Orwellian fantasy

there are monkeys on screen
that take over the world
maybe the rathskeller
the sweat of a bottle, summer heat
would have been preferable

I leave the last picture show
I still hear it

the horror
the horror
the horror

--Jason Baldinger

Saturday, August 26, 2017


best quesadilla in new york

i’m looking for something
i’m looking for three dollar drafts
and someone to talk about the government with
i’m looking for protest
i’m looking for america underneath those white sheets
i’m trying to wrap my head around this insanity
and looking behind my back
in case a van or a car comes tearing down this crowded street
i’m looking at the republican party
and shaking my damned head
as the president jacks off nazis with barbaric glee
i’m looking at half the sun in the sky
drinking tepid water out of a nation half-empty
and devoid of reason or logic
i’m staring hate in the eye and breaking statues back into rock
i’m looking for artisan ice cream in flavors i never dreamed
and ice cold beer locally brewed
so that i can feel like i’m making a change
i’m eating something called a moza-repa in the blistering sun
as i walk down 6th avenue thinking about endless war
and reparations and nuclear weapons and a sunset over the pacific ocean
i’m interested in doing some hardcore winning
i’m tired of coming out on the losing end all of the time
i’m looking for honesty and love and gender fluidity
craning my neck to hear the death rattle
of all of this toxic masculinity
i’m looking for something simple and real
like a sunflower reaching toward god
like a dark place to tuck into and hide
get myself out of this swampy heat
or like cruising down an avenue in a big, gas-guzzling car
black with tinted windows that’s almost a block long
bass playing the baddest motherfucking jam in the world
searching for the best quesadilla in new york
sizzling and gooey
washed down with a shot or two of tequila
underneath the ashes of american flags
with a cool breeze coming off the hudson river
as speed boats break waves in white crests
and the statue of liberty hangs out alone
in that blue horizon
just one moment this year
where she and the rest of us
aren’t always holding our breath.

--John Grochalski

WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week THIRTY ONE wrap up

Watch out everyone...Stephen K. Bannon, or should I say, Bannon the Barbarian, is ready to go to WAR. That's right ladies and gentleman while DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER is getting ready to play war games in Afghanistan, the former other half of this sick and twisted take on the white male ego, is ready to take on all of those people who frozen him out in the WH and didn't let little Stevey push his Nazi agenda.....using the "strong" arm "MACHINE" of the FAKE NEWS site Breitbart, Bannon the Buffoon is going to take on such mental heavyweights as Gary Cohn, Lt. Gen. (too many abbreviations here) H.R. McMaster, and Trophy Daughter #1 and SecurityRisk-in-Law...this should be exciting.

How long does the death rattle of the white, male patriarchy last? 241 years and counting folks.

Back in the real world DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER is planing on sending more American troops into Afghanistan (because that has worked so well over the last 16 years) to do some hardcore winning...and because his flailing, racist presidency could use a boost, Donny John  announced his plans for "winning" on monday night in a public address offering no specifics on troop size or tactics other than "killing terrorists" our already lame duck president did promise that unlike in the past he would be writing no "blank checks" in Afghanistan, which comes as a relief since he and his idiot family have all but bankrupted the SECRET SERVICE

I guess if you can't blast North Korea into the stone-age the next best thing is keeping the good ol' home war fires going. Hey, maybe instead of sending more troops, we could send Afghanistan all of those shitty monuments to racist-ass confederate presidents and generals that are coming down

But, honestly, I can't tell what's worse....DOUCHE acting "presidential" or DOUCHE acting like the racist, clueless raving lunatic that he is....I mean would you accept directions to a highway in a strange city from that man? And if i can find one true fault with the media it's this: They're still, after all of these months, after all this idiot has shown them, trying to paint this moron as being somewhat presidential. Not that he's acting presidential. But the Times article on DOUCHE's speech links his plans, whatever they are, to what PRESIDENT Obama did, or what Dubya did, or....oh, this is just like Biden's plan. Really? Why compare this lunatic to ANYONE who had any hand in what has been going on in Afghanistan the last 16 years...at this point headlines should read: CRAZY NUT JOB SAYS THINGS ABOUT THINGS....AGAIN.....we'll all get it at this point

Real Quick....Paul Ryan came out of hiding but, sadly, did not see his SPINE....so at least six more weeks of Trump.

The Solar Eclipse happened. The first Solar Eclipse to basically be over the United States in almost one hundred years. The next one won't even happen until long after I'm gone and cities are under waters and the water toxic, and people will have to go outside in spacesuits, provided the human race still exists....but wasn't this shit cool! I got me a pair of those solar sunglasses and started checking out the eclipse around 1:30 EST and kept going out until we were about 70% covered at 2:45PM. I'm not much for communal activities but it was fun being out on the street sharing my glasses with people, letting little children line up to see this once in a lifetime event. And people were pretty smart about it too....i didn't see  many jackasses trying to look at the sun with their naked eye. Even children seemed to understand that doing so was a stupid and dangerous act. It really looked like scientists got the word out on this one....until......


I guess not everyone got the message.....

Speaking of staying on message....where do beleaguered autocrats go when the going gets rough? To a NAZI rally of all things. That's right....on Tuesday Night the sitting president of the United States (25th amendment) held his 8th rally since his inauguration in the 108 heat of Phoenix, Arizona, where he doubled down on his racism, hatred of the media, so-called illegal immigrants and everyone and everything from the state's senators Jeff Flake and John McCain, all the way to getting his inbred minions to chant "CNN sucks" to hinting at pardoning that criminally convicted Nazi-fuck, Sheriff Joe Arpaio...talk about staying on message....Bannon the Buffoon must've been smiling his fat ass off in the offices of Breitbart.

Nazi strongman in one speech, DOUCHE's administration is all about "love and unity" in the next....and now the Orange Fucker is threatening to shut the government down if he doesn't get money in the budget allocated for his bullshit wall? Here's what happens during a government shutdown: the departments of commerce, education, energy, as well as the EPA, the Food and Drug Administration, dept of health and human services, housing and urban development, interior (and this includes your national parks), the IRS, the department of labor, fucking NASA, national institute of health, and the Smithsonian....all get SHUT THE FUCK DOWN. and estimated 800,000 plus employees get furloughed.......all because this King Lear of a whiny Nazi bitch isn't getting money for his wall...the one he promised his inbred, twat base....and wasn't Mexico supposed to pay for this, you gold-plated piece of shit?

And come to think of it....i'm not buying DOUCHE's whole schizo bit...and neither should you.  DOUCHE is a moron and a philistine but he's good at egging people on the way that all silver-spooned bullies are....honestly i think the pea-brain is too scared to do the job he was "elected" to do and is looking for a way out....one that will still make him look good among his minions and those fat, red white and blue inbred sycophant slobs who attend his Nazi rallies.

Sticking with Nazis for a moment, on Friday DOUCHE, surprising no one but the last remaining clueless liberals and the news media, finally went ahead and pardoned Joe Arpaio, a man who has made it his life's goal to harass and try to harm anyone with skin any browner than a blonde ditz coming home from the beach. What to say about this? There's nothing to say about this except we've reached a point where DOUCHE is appealing to no one but the 20-30% of double-downed racists and nazis that are his rabid base. This is unexpected behavior coming from a craven fool such as Trump, who when asked about Hurricane Harvey, while slithering away to Camp David with Trophy Wife III and that idiot kid of his, offered little more than "good luck"

Democracy has learned some hard lessons in 2017.

Lastly....on the subject of hurricanes....can we fucking stop with the cutesy names? Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Sandy, the badly hipster named, Hurricane Katrina.....anything that is heading toward land with 130 MPH winds and the potential to kill people and, in the case of New Orleans, shouldn't be named Harvey or Katrina or Anne or anything...You know who Harvey is? He's a fucking local butcher or the guy sitting next to you at the bar.....let's name this Hurricanes properly. Hurricane Lucifer.....how about that? Hurricane Devil? Hurricane Joe Arpaio? Hurricane Trump?

anyway.....i hope people are all right in Texas. As much as I'd love to see the Trump Administration fail....this is not one of those times. Let's hope the Nazi gets something right and that FEMA is there for the people who will need it.

I'm up at 10:30 and the great Jason Baldinger is coming at you tomorrow at 10:30.

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Friday, August 25, 2017


"Declaring War On The Alt-Right's Holy War"

Sharia Law
from the holes
in their
gaping grins,
the blood
on the streets
until swastikas
and strangle
the sun.
They brandish torches
every skin pigment
until only the pale
of the void
Those that oppose
this naked hatred
are embraced
in the arms
of vehicular manslaughter
and slanderous winter.
Glorious Leader
his wrinkled shoulders,
his maggot fingers
hovering over
nuclear code
in preparation
to raise
his approval rating
through destruction.
Our fists
are raised
but snipers
take aim
at every knuckle;
the alt-right
is coddled
in their
infantile loathing.
can take our
and shove them
down the throat
that sings
can never
be satisfied,
long as their
holy war
infests our streets
like lupus.

--Robert J.W.