Wednesday, January 9, 2013

poem of the day 01.09.13

stray dog in the middle of the street

just because we have the ability
to articulate our disgust with one another
makes us no different from the average
cockroach crawling on a pizza box
or any better than this stray dog in the middle of the street

but people are honking their horns
shouting out of windows
and screaming at the bus stops
acting as if the mutt can speak english

yet no one is moving toward this animal to try and save it
as it chases its tail in circles
and dodges sports utility vehicles
full of angry slobs now running late for work

standing at a corner
pondering my own mediocre lot in life
i think how i don’t want to see this dog die
give me a stray man or a woman instead
sprawled out on the pavement and streaked with internal red
but not this shaggy beast

still i am no different than anyone else

i stand there stock and solid
watch and wait for the carnage to come
as one car swerves
and another one seems to head directly for the dog
missing it by inches

i think there is something missing
inside of all of us these days

i know there is something missing inside of me

it’s been gone so long
i can’t remember what it was in the first place

and when then light changes
i turn my head and cross the street like anybody else

forgetting the dog
i check my watch to make sure that i’m not late for work.                               

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