Wednesday, January 16, 2013

poem of the day 01.16.13

decline and fall
of another american athlete

it’s the same old story
in american sports

yet people still act shocked

pontificate on morning buses
sit hunched over stinking lunches in staff rooms
and proclaim that they knew the bastard
was doping all along

he had to be
because no one can do what he did

they act betrayed
as if this juiced immortal stormed into their home
and injected their family in the ass with steroids

or slapped grandma around the backyard

yet as they speak
they’re scanning the papers
looking for the next demi-god
to put on a pedestal

to bet the farm on

caring about the exploits
of some new charmed and toned circus monkey
more than the health and sanity
of their own children

and if there’s a crime committed
anywhere in this mess

it’s probably that.


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