Wednesday, January 23, 2013

poem of the day 01.23.13

tyranny of religion

some girl
makes the sign of the cross
when she walks past a church
and for the day
that absolves her of all the shit
that she’s put other through
and they say
twenty-percent of americans
no longer believe in god
but you wouldn’t know it
on these pious streets
on the television
in speeches by presidents
and other glowing leaders
with white hair
white teeth
you’d think we were undergoing
the next great revival
and government
so i’m not fooling myself
when i see these kinds of statistics
i pass over them dully
and then go on to read the sports
because i know i’ll never see the end
of religious tyranny
or holy hypocrisy
in my lifetime
a final nail brought down
upon those heinous, murderous myths
breaking the chains
and sending
jesus, buddha, muhammad
and all the rest of those clowns
crawling into the comics books
with zeus
and bugs bunny.


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